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  1. Happy birthday! Im 10 btw xD

  2. Alyssavictoria

    Who Are You? (Tell everyone a little about yourself)

    Me too but 1O lol
  3. Alyssavictoria

    Ban Apeal reply plz

    Hello i was banned for like 5 weeks or something and i dont know why i hadnt play for like 3 days i come back and im banned (ps it was dk_knight who banned me) anyways i love Diamond shaft and love to play on it again and if i did greif im sorry and it wont happend again <3 Please unban me plz reply i had been banned for greifing and i think i know why so i was play with a friend and i hit his item frame and got a diamond and he said i could keep s i name the diamond after him as a joke ^^******* diamond i took^^ i didnt take it he let me have so srry if that was stealing oh and ****** is his name i didnt want to get him invold in this mess <3
  4. hope u get git gl