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  1. The_Good_Old_Boy's 2K17 Ban Evidence, starts here as of 1-8-17. WEEK 1 ----- 1/8/17 ----- There are no week 1 Temp bans. I want the brand new GIT's to have an opportunity to use their new commands and learn them as I did. WEEK 2 ----- 1/15/17 ----- Case # 1 Player: DatMusch Date: 1/21/17 Time: 10:45 PM EST Reason: Griefing/Theft at Warp East Evidence: Verdict: As of 10:50 PM EST. DatMusch, has been issued a ban from the server. If You Wish to appeal this ban you may write a detailed appeal under the 'Ban Appeal' tab on the DiamondShaft Forums, Please Follow the Template. Sincerely, CT As of 1/22/17 this ban evidence is closed, Its been great working in the Git Program but others have shown more zeal in it than I have. Best of luck to all of January's Git's Sincerely CT
  2. The third anti christ is hillary clinton
  3. back before i bought diamond, neion was new n' some older members were here, this was the last and only picture of the old server i had, i wish i took screenshots of my old farm
  4. I Guess people who drive *lawn mowers* *cough cough* i mean hondas with trash cans as exhaust tips are international Douche bags. They do the same fer me here haha but i aint worried cuz the lug nuts on my Jeep need more torque t' tighten then a honda Makes.
  5. Failure to read the rule book dont get ya unbanned, Neglect of readin the rules is on you, not on us
  6. Please follow the Template Once Again Please follow the template
  7. Newest Member on the 'Total Members' list just came in i'd hate t' be the new guy.
  8. Inappropriate Messages in chat are unacceptable and Is a ban able offense, there are little children who come on this game to build and let their creativity run wild. They shouldnt have to worry 'bout seeing stuff like this in a game about building pixel blocks, it doesnt matter if ya were simply jokin, its unacceptable and you will not be unbanned until the staff feel like you can handle yerself in the chat.
  9. My Orange, black and Purple p'lad under my overalls is 'bout as festive as I usually get, thanks for the positive imput though bud
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