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  1. so if you do add this how big will the map be, sorry for asking i dont really understand all of it.
  2. RTP Hello staff, ranks, and members today i wanna suggest that the server adds a random teleport option at spawn or do /rtp Reasons why this may help 1. Helps people get out of spawn 2. It may lower the buildings close to spawn so it does not look like a tornado went through the map. 3. It could help people find the biomes they like maybe some temples, or some thing of that sort. I am sure there are many reasons why this may be a dumb idea i just think it would be some thing nice to have thank you for reading this i appreciate your time have a good day.
  3. i didnt build it it also infront of my base gods your not crazy unless i am to
  4. so true i say we should get a new map untill 1.9 i would like it way more
  5. because the map is so used up and all the lag yeah i suppose so
  6. i like his response thats why i put it
  7. im not gonna beg because i dont care if you leave hate to be a dick but its not my choice it is yours sorry ask someone else also i meant it as a joke hello? you dead?
  8. i dont target df also i dont target you if i did i would kill you everyday and if your gonna leave just leave. Want me to beg for you to stay?
  9. rude* and dont get to upset about it your leaving i didnt make you leave it was your choice.

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We are DiamondShaft, a medium-sized Minecraft survival server that has been around for over six years and aims to achieve a simple, community survival experience.

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