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  1. Ign:Lord_Werty Server:Survival Reason:Griefing lb proof iv been playing on this server since Saturday and it's now my favorite server. But today I was going to eat lunch so I turned off my computer ate lunch and went back online it said zzatronzz had banned me for Griefing. The only time I might have been GRiefing was when I accidentaly placed a lava bucket. I would really like to see what this "proof" is so I da get back to playing on my favorite server I'm sorry if it looked like I was Griefing. Thank you :Lord_Werty
  2. Username:Lord_Werty Server:Survival Reason:Griefing lb i was going to eat lunch so I closed my laptop and left I came back and it said I had been banned by zzatronzz for Griefing lb. atron said I stole horses but I didn't some guy tried to steal my horse so I got staff member to tell him to stop? I would like to see the proof
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