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  1. Lails Fails I totally forgot my cringe book ;-; 

    1. bigpreston216


      Haha yeah that was a weird time for all of us. Have a nice day!

  2. Dang it's sad to see this go. Haven't played on the server in a while but it was an important piece of my life back in 2015 and 2016. Made a lot of friends, many of whom I also haven't talked to in years. I might wait around to see what could come next and if some of the people I know stop by for a visit, I might as well. I also kinda wanted to share some of my memories from the server like Sarah did. I remember when my friends and I started a town and I met my old friend @PiggyBananaz. Some people from another town didn't like us for some reason and there was a PvP raid on our town.
  3. Lol I know I'm late but I'm probably the guy to talk to if you're going to play vanilla. (Skip this you probably won't care but I included this anyway) I got the game the day it came out, I still have my Skyrim shirt from when I was 10 years old, have a 500+ page guide, a puzzle piece set of the map, a real map, got all of the achievements, and am currently listening to Skyrim atmospheres on a 4 disc collection signed by Jeremy Soule. Not to mention I have probably played the game for thousands of hours (and every new play-through I always find something new). Sneak is OP, conjuratio
  4. I play many games; I currently play a lot of Overwatch, For Honor, and Dark Souls.
  5. bigpreston216 Should have a sword and shield as the avatar.
  6. I go on PS4 all the time with many of my friends, but I don't know you so I'm not gonna add you.
  7. Happy birthday! Idk if you can see this but i hope your doing really well in life :) hope to see you soon

    1. bigpreston216


      Thanks man! I probably won't be on the server anymore, but I'll still be on the forums every now and then.

      Have a nice day!

  8. bigpreston216

    gg ez

    I won on April 15th of last year ha
  9. I disliked both candidates, but he was democratically elected by the people and won so I'll just have to deal with it along with the people who think protesting will make Trump change his mind on being president. Let's hope he proves us non-supporters wrong and he will be a good president.
  10. I don't really play much because many of my friends left (RIP Piggy, hoping I see you in the next life...), I was kind of burned out on creativity, I got Overwatch on my PS4 and have a group of friends from school that play with me (This is really the only game I play now), school takes up so much time now that I rarely even get to play games at all, and my family made fun of me for playing Minecraft (My mom is one of those people who thinks video games make people kill other people and my dad is "Graphics is everything" and "When I kill something in a game there has to be physical effect," he
  11. Wasn't part of the message of A Christmas Carol similar to this? I haven't read it in 4 years, but I'm pretty sure it's main message wasn't to just be kind and considerate during Christmas time, but to be like that year-round. I remember reading about this in a textbook when I was really young. It's sad knowing that most of them probably wanted no part in the war but it still warms my heart knowing that they're able to coexist for a little while knowing they're going to be killing each other again soon.
  12. Are you posting this on the correct website?
  13. I think it actually looks pretty cool. One of the things Nintendo does a lot of is try to experiment and innovate. It's nice seeing them expanding on the game-pad idea, which worked alright in my opinion because you could play games on it while people watch TV or something and it didn't reduce the quality of the game. It also may have seemed bulky and ugly but it actually fit into your hands very nicely among several other things. What surprised me most is that they're going to have Skyrim Remastered on it. That not only shows that Nintendo has started seeking developers for their new sys

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