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  1. CamoWisp

    Ban Appeal (Unbanned)

    You griefed multiple blocks of his flag + flooded specific areas. Though I only took one screenshot: Either way, I'd prefer if you and @Minecrafteez opted to just ignore each other instead of antagonize each other. I'll unban you
  2. Hello, everyone. Previously on the server we had a plugin called OldCombatMechanics that let us bring back some 1.8 abilities and combat. It was removed for a reason I forget, but I wanted to see if you wanted it back in 1.13. If the poll leads on "Yes", these changes will be added/made: - No more attack cool-down. - Sword sweep disabled (particle effect still shows up.) - Old armor stats. - Old weapon/tool stats. - Old golden apples. - Old potion effects. - Old player regeneration. - Fishing rod knockback. - You can still craft & use shields. - Ender pearls still have a cool-down. - Player collision is still enabled. - You can still use your off-hand. NOTE: No 100% guarantee that it will work with 1.13, as they are making many technical changes that will more than likely break many plugins. On a side note. 1.13 finally has a confirmed release date of July 18th, 2018. If it does actually release on that date, we will start setting up the next update (we already have most things built, so it'll mainly be server-side setup, landscaping, and other misc things.)
  3. CamoWisp

    Banned (Unbanned)

    l just go ahead and unban you.
  4. CamoWisp

    Banned (Unbanned)

    Please follow the ban appeal template; What is your in-game username?
  5. CamoWisp

    Is this server still active?

    Don't know why this is in Server Information, but the server isn't currently very active. It is summer, though most members are waiting for 1.13 to continue playing. I've said this before, but we plan on making changes to increase gameplay time without it being way too taxing on difficulty, however there will always be people who dislike change. It'll be unlike last update where I just decided to cram 20 plugins into the server (mostly cosmetic) and call it a day, and we decided to only keep about 4 or 5 of them, give or take. @Dakokoz
  6. CamoWisp


    This was a tad bit over a year ago, however; Now I know people can mature over time, even in just a year, but how would we know you have and that you wouldn't cause more issues?
  7. CamoWisp

    id like to ake a ban appeal please

    Please follow the ban appeal template;
  8. CamoWisp

    Perm ban for flying and crouch

    Please follow the ban appeal template; https://www.diamondshaft.com/topic/4-ban-appeal-template/
  9. CamoWisp

    1.13 keepInventory/mobGriefing Poll

    You'll see when we update. Most of the staff have agreed on a general idea
  10. CamoWisp

    1.13 keepInventory/mobGriefing Poll

    Spawn and other areas with worldguard will have keepInventory enabled. It's not possible to have keepInventory enabled in towns, unless I set a region for every town created (which no, I am not doing,) however dying in a town is a lot less stressful as I've already said. The nether is a survival area, though I do understand where you're coming from. We don't really plan on having any nether or end portals at spawn, since those would give easy access to the dimensions. It gives incentive to make/find your own nether portals, find the end portal, or eventually save up to buying end portal frames of your own. I don't know about warps, we could more than likely set up a resource world for Emeralds where resources spawn at a higher amount but the difficulty is higher, eg more mob spawning, items always drop on death, etc etc. The first pre-release of 1.13 just came out earlier today so the full release is soon. There are going to be a ton of topics the staff and other members will be talking about for the update when we start working.
  11. CamoWisp

    1.13 keepInventory/mobGriefing Poll

    That's something we'll probably talk about while working on 1.13, but it may give an unfair advantage to those not able to keep their inventories, especially when it comes to PvP. Though of course if it's Emerald only, it would be $39.99 and maybe something that can be toggled, preferably. Seems like it'd certainly be a really good incentive to buying Emerald though, lol
  12. Hello, everyone. Recently we've been brainstorming on how the next version of the server will work. Considering we wish to have more usage of Towny, and thus a better Economy, there needed to be a higher incentive to use Towny. Today, survival has no real point on our server. When you die, you keep everything. You and your builds are completely protected by everything. It is essentially a peaceful mode with plaything mobs, with the occasional no consequence death. We wish to see what you think about disabling keepInventory, and enabling mobGriefing in the wilds. keepInventory Right now, you keep every item and xp level in your inventory when dying. This provides no challenge in Survival. If keepInventory were to be disabled, it would give players an actual reason to be careful, work to prevent death, and pick out specific items to bring when travelling or mining, etc. There would be more incentive to use Towny, as PvP and mob spawning are usually disabled in towns. Of course, it would still be possible to die in town, however it would have to be on you, meaning starving, drowning, falling, or being crushed, etc. Stealing in towns is not allowed, so you could run back and grab your items. keepInventory would be enabled in Spawn and other server builds with regions, like most Arenas. As for ranked items? We can add "Curse of Vanishing" to donator items, so when you die with ranked items, they disappear so no lower ranks can pick them up. We are also contemplating adding a higher time limit to using kits, the higher the rank, the higher the time limit. This is to prevent donators getting an extremely quick advantage over everyone else. Also thinking of disabling kits for the first two weeks, give or take. However, we'd still like to hear your opinions on this topic. mobGriefing In the wild, currently, mobs like creepers cannot damage builds like they do in vanilla. I will admit, this can be annoying, but once again it will help to make survival more like "survival." If this were to be enabled, it would give players a reason to be cautious of creepers once again (and similar griefing mobs.) And give more of a reason to join a town, as they would not be able to damage any builds. NOTE: If you are concerned that we are trying too hard to push the whole Towny aspect of the server, know that we are trying to make everything "optional" and "player determinant (in terms of Economy/Towny)" If you wish to go on your own, or with friends, and do Survival without bothering with towns or economy, then that's what you can do. Or you can ignore Survival somehow and just live in a town and focus on jobs & shops for money & items.
  13. CamoWisp

    1.13 Plans, Ideas & Community Opinions

    Maybe if you came back you could do it ;( But yeah, idk about "artifacts" but certain prizes that wouldn't be TOO valuable. PvP can be enabled in certain plots I believe.
  14. CamoWisp

    1.13 Plans, Ideas & Community Opinions

    jk bb i lov u ❤️ wot is ur opinion