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  1. CamoWisp

    Voting Rewards (Accepted)

    Fixed. GAListener couldn't recognize pre-1.13 ID's so I just had to change the number ID's to the actual names.
  2. CamoWisp

    New Project

    Eddy posting on forums?
  3. CamoWisp

    Griefed (AGAIN AGAIN) (Accepted)

    When people refuse to post coordinates
  4. CamoWisp

    Ban Appeal (Unbanned)

    @Ultima_toast You have been unbanned.
  5. CamoWisp

    Railroad Grief (Accepted)

    Didn't say anyone griefed it, though I fixed it
  6. CamoWisp

    Griefing (AGAIN) (Accepted)

    Should all be fixed. For future reference try to put coordinates in the report.
  7. CamoWisp

    Event Team Applications

    Hello, everyone. Recently I've planned to fix up the Event server and update it to 1.13.1. With that, we also need new Event Team members, as we only have four. For this round of event team members, I'm expecting them to be active and for events to be relatively frequent. We don't need events every week, but at least one every month or two would be nice. I'm also hoping for more unique variety other than some PvP event that'll last for like 30 minutes at best. To join the event team, you'll need to know how to use either command blocks, redstone, or work well with plugins. Being able to plan events doesn't net you anything, as you could just suggest events on forums or discord. If you're a good builder, you're more than likely better off applying for Build Team. Build Team members can help Event Team members with their events if they so wish. Here is the Event Team Application form that you must fill out. https://goo.gl/forms/gwecHPZclyEmILH62
  8. CamoWisp

    Staff Update - 9/16/2018

    We have just completed interviews, and have chosen new GIT's, and promoted some Guardians to Moderators. Congratulations to all below! GITS @Tori @TrevorATA @StarzInDarkness @Madisonp01 @97daebak Guardian to Moderator: @WickedRainG @KristinaPickle
  9. CamoWisp

    97daebak app

    you're in.
  10. CamoWisp

    Ban Appeal (Unbanned)

    You built a secret entrance & entire lab from Drew's base without his permission, which is by definition griefing. I forgot to take proof of this but I could roll-it back if need be or Drew can confirm. You will be unbanned in a few days.
  11. CamoWisp

    Interviews - September 16th

    snor for guardian
  12. CamoWisp

    Interviews - September 16th

    Hello, everyone. Once again, it's right about that time for some new staff members to come in. Interviews will be held on Sunday, September 16th, 2 PM EST (timezones below.) This gives everyone a little over a week to submit applications and for us to see if they will be active on the server. About an hour before interviews start, you can join the Waiting Room in our Discord Server. About an hour later, we will start dragging users into the Interview Room. Interviews, as always, are usually recorded by specific staff members, though these recordings will never be posted to public media, such as YouTube, other than private links for the video for those who wish to see them. GIT's have all-week permissions & commands, and will be trained for one week (two if absolutely necessary.) There are no set number of GIT's we will be picking for this round, though we never go above 6. Applications are optional however they do help you get into the GIT program. Please make sure that you are active during the program, and plan ahead if you can. And, again, there are certain people who will not be Interviewed this round. If you do not get Interviewed, it may be for these reasons; Ignore that this is all just copy & paste You have failed GIT multiple times (possible exceptions.) You have disrespected staff or members multiple times. You have not been active for long enough. You are too young / not of age. You are on an Interview blacklist. You simply didn't show up to Interviews. If you don't show, there will be no "after interviews." No excuses. It is required to have a microphone. There cannot be any exceptions, three reasons being; We must know that the player is 'real'. Obtain a sense of personality from the player. See that they have enough confidence to be able to talk and deal with people or chat in meetings. Timezone Information posted here. I hope to see you there! California (U.S.A - Western): 11 am Chicago (U.S.A - central): 1 pm New Jersey (U.S.A - Eastern): 2 pm Charlotte Town (Canada - Prince Edward Island): 3 pm London (UK - England): 6 pm Denmark (European): 8 pm Hong Kong (China): 2 am Please review this post before applying; Discord information;
  13. CamoWisp

    I Think DSK greifed my house... Kind of... (Solved!) (Accepted)

    He has been banned and the area rolledback.
  14. CamoWisp

    1.13! Spawn Town Mansion Sweepstakes And Info!

    re-read the 1.13 post u daft cunt