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  1. Ban appeal (Unbanned)

  2. I would love an unban plz

  3. Modpack (Whitelist / Emerald+)

  4. Modpack (Whitelist / Emerald+)

    You sure you got the right pack? The modpack itself and the server both have ForgeModLoader.
  5. Modpack (Whitelist / Emerald+)

    nah brah
  6. Modpack (Whitelist / Emerald+)

    Ah true, I retract my statement ecksdee
  7. Modpack (Whitelist / Emerald+)

    Po I literally listed each step on the post, how the fuck would you be able to fuck it up
  8. Modpack (Whitelist / Emerald+)

    Hello, everyone. Recently, we've been working on opening a Modpack server. I've spent a while creating the modpack & server files. @Anthrax opened the server for us to use, and @KingBootyMunch helped with mod list, versions, and crash testing. The modpack is called "Will O' Wisps." Since there are no plugins as of yet, we've decided to whitelist only Emeralds, Staff members, and certain other members if we so wish. Most staff will be opped in order to ban little shits, just in case. The only rule is don't be annoying to staff or others. Use common sense, don't hack, etc. We'll actually establish more rules, ranks, and completely open the server to everyone once we get Sponge working with Biomes O' Plenty mesa biomes. MODS: (You'll need to have at least a half-way decent potato to run the modpack.) Animania. Baubles (Dependency.) BiblioCraft. Biomes O' Plenty. Botania. Carpenter's Blocks. CoFH Core (Dependency.) CoFH World (Dependency.) Computer Craft. Extra Utilities. MrCrayfish's Furniture Mod. Chameleon (Dependency.) Chisel. Chisels and Bits. CodeChickenLib (Dependency.) CraftStudio (Dependency.) ConnectedTexturesMod. CustomMobSpawner (Dependency.) Decocraft 2. DrZhark's Mo' Creatures. Fairy Lights. Floocraft. Forestry. Grapple Mod. Gravestone Mod. Hats. Hwyla (Dependency.) iChunUtil (Dependency.) InventoryTweaks. Iron Chest. JustEnoughItems. JourneyMap. Mantle (Dependency.) Mob Dismemberment. NotEnoughItems. Optifine. Pam's HarvestCraft. Reforged. RedstoneFlux (Dependency.) Ropebridge. Storage Drawers. Storage Drawers Extras. The Beneath. Treecapitator. Twilight Forest. Thermal Expansion. Thermal Foundation (Dependency.) Wawla (What Are We Looking At?) & Any of the random shit Forge adds by default. List may be updated in the future. HOW TO JOIN: Install the Technic Launcher: https://www.technicpack.net/download Sign-in with your Minecraft login information. Click the "MODPACKS" tab. Search for "Will O' Wisps." Install the Modpack. (Highly Recommended) Allocate 3 or 4 gigabytes of RAM to the launcher, just click on Launcher Settings then Java Settings. Once in the game, click "Multiplayer" then enter this IP: modpack.diamondshaft.com If you are not whitelisted, and you are an Emerald rank or Staff, ask someone who is opped (preferably me) to whitelist you.
  9. Upcoming.

  10. Again, banned (Declined)

    It doesn't matter if you personally think the ban was unfair. I've already told you cannot appeal again until 3/29/2018. Any more ban appeals posted will result in a forum ban. It's extra suspicious considering I've already banned both your account and your IP, and upon attempting to ban your IP again once you were online, it stated it was already banned.
  11. Town Warp Requirements

    Updated. (1/29/2018.)
  12. Though we have mob grinder rules, most people are confused over crop/plant farms and whether or not they can automate them. I'm going to elaborate the rules on crop farms. Crop farms can be automated if they follow these rules. Crop farms may not lag or overwork their chunks (area) - Any crop farms that give players extremely low FPS (around 3) or give the server high ping, will be removed, and the player will be warned. Crop farms must be built entirely in Survival - It would be very unfair to server members if you had an automatic farm built quickly out of creative, and it'd be easy money/items. Once again, we can easily see if these are built in creative or survival. If we find one built in GMC, we will remove the build and warn the player. You cannot AFK or use alternate accounts at auto farms - Obviously, it's very annoying to have people go AFK so the item payout increases while they are in the chunk, doing nothing. It's the same if you leave an alt account sitting there. Anyone who is AFK at a farm will be kicked, as well as the alt account. Fish Farms - These rules also apply to auto fish farms (created with one pool of water & redstone.) Anyone breaking these rules with a fish farm, will be warned and have their farm removed. Friends - Your friends, or other players can use your farms if they wish, but they obviously have to replant. We aren't so concerned with players earning huge profits with auto cropping anymore, as the Jobs plugin gives you more than enough cash for farming. Selling your crops would be a waste.
  13. can i get unbanned pls

    ...You have to make your own appeal. Not copy the entire template.
  14. fair but unfair in a sense ban appeal (Declined)

    Eddy banned you lol
  15. Redneck Diamondshaft wedding

    Nathaniel may post his recording soon, lmao Nathaniels recording (full video)