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  1. CamoWisp

    Returning to diamondshaft + future events

    New server sugar daddy
  2. CamoWisp

    Ban Appeal (Unbanned)

    So you acknowledged it, yet didn't. Since the rule book is broken, I made that hologram obvious to read. I also banned that one dude a few days ago for stealing from you, which made it apparent that this is not a factions server. It is the members job to read the rules and understand what type of server this is before playing, so you don't get banned.
  3. CamoWisp

    Poll - Summer Map Reset?

  4. CamoWisp

    Poll - Summer Map Reset?

    We made both servers so people could go back to the old map if they *really* wanted too, though not many people do. We could probably remove Survival+ and just have the basic Survival server again but Nathaniel would once again have to switch certain things over, and I don't really see a point to removing it since it gives players that option.
  5. CamoWisp

    Poll - Summer Map Reset?

    Hello, everyone. Recently, I've made it no secret that I want to update the server at the start of summer (date undetermined,) where hopefully 1.13 will have already been released. For those of you who don't know, 1.13 adds more things related to the ocean, such as actual fish mobs (with many more textures,) dolphins, turtles, turtle eggs, sea pickles, coral, ship wrecks, trident, hidden treasure, etc. This obviously will require new ocean generation. Since most people will be on summer break or just generally have more time on their hands, combined with the fresh release of major update 1.13, and a server/map reset, this will logically bring in a high amount of players, or at the least much more than usual for a decent amount of time (but, who knows.) As for a map reset, I personally highly recommend it as if we were to keep this map, we would have to build spawn probably 200k blocks out for the generation to not be weird, but most players have already finished their survival play-through, or are late into it and would probably enjoy a fresh start. If the map were to reset, the generation would be 100% fine, and you will not encounter any half-old half-new oceans. The current map would still be transferred to /server Survival if you wish to continue any builds or finish up an old survival play-through. Choose wisely, babes. EDIT: Poll ends Thursday, April 26th at 2 PM EST.
  6. CamoWisp

    Ban Appeal (Unbanned)

    It seems Lunning isn't responding to the appeal, so I will go ahead and unban you
  7. CamoWisp


    You're fuckin right you will babe
  8. CamoWisp

    unban (Unbanned)

  9. CamoWisp


    you ain't fuckin leavin,
  10. CamoWisp

    Two Things

  11. CamoWisp

    Twiixx - Ban Appeal (Unbanned)

  12. CamoWisp

    I'm sorry (Unbanned)

    I'll unban you. However if you act suspicious around staff again; hide the fact someone broke rules, you yourself break them, etc. you will be banned again with no appeal.
  13. CamoWisp

    Ban appeal (Unbanned)

  14. CamoWisp

    I would love an unban plz (Unbanned)

  15. CamoWisp

    Modpack (Whitelist / Emerald+)