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    Griefed (AGAIN AGAIN)

    When people refuse to post coordinates
  2. CamoWisp

    Ban Appeal (Unbanned)

    @Ultima_toast You have been unbanned.
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    Railroad Grief (Accepted)

    Didn't say anyone griefed it, though I fixed it
  4. CamoWisp

    Griefing (AGAIN) (Accepted)

    Should all be fixed. For future reference try to put coordinates in the report.
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    Event Team Applications

    Hello, everyone. Recently I've planned to fix up the Event server and update it to 1.13.1. With that, we also need new Event Team members, as we only have four. For this round of event team members, I'm expecting them to be active and for events to be relatively frequent. We don't need events every week, but at least one every month or two would be nice. I'm also hoping for more unique variety other than some PvP event that'll last for like 30 minutes at best. To join the event team, you'll need to know how to use either command blocks, redstone, or work well with plugins. Being able to plan events doesn't net you anything, as you could just suggest events on forums or discord. If you're a good builder, you're more than likely better off applying for Build Team. Build Team members can help Event Team members with their events if they so wish. Here is the Event Team Application form that you must fill out. https://goo.gl/forms/gwecHPZclyEmILH62
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    Staff Update - 9/16/2018

    We have just completed interviews, and have chosen new GIT's, and promoted some Guardians to Moderators. Congratulations to all below! GITS @Tori @TrevorATA @StarzInDarkness @Madisonp01 @97daebak Guardian to Moderator: @WickedRainG @KristinaPickle
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    Drop Party

    DROP PARTY INFORMATION: Drop Parties will be held every two weeks on Saturday, 2:00 PM EST. There aren't many rules, just do not stand directly at the droppers, keep moving. If you are caught doing this, you will be prevented from entering the party for the rest of the day. To get to the drop party, type /warp DropParty. It would also help if players decided to donate their items for future parties. TIMES: California (U.S.A - Western): 11 am Chicago (U.S.A - central): 1 pm New Jersey (U.S.A - Eastern): 2 pm Charlotte Town (Canada - Prince Edward Island): 3 pm London (UK - England): 6 pm Denmark (European): 7 pm Hong Kong (China): 2 am
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    Interviews - September 16th

    Hello, everyone. Once again, it's right about that time for some new staff members to come in. Interviews will be held on Sunday, September 16th, 2 PM EST (timezones below.) This gives everyone a little over a week to submit applications and for us to see if they will be active on the server. About an hour before interviews start, you can join the Waiting Room in our Discord Server. About an hour later, we will start dragging users into the Interview Room. Interviews, as always, are usually recorded by specific staff members, though these recordings will never be posted to public media, such as YouTube, other than private links for the video for those who wish to see them. GIT's have all-week permissions & commands, and will be trained for one week (two if absolutely necessary.) There are no set number of GIT's we will be picking for this round, though we never go above 6. Applications are optional however they do help you get into the GIT program. Please make sure that you are active during the program, and plan ahead if you can. And, again, there are certain people who will not be Interviewed this round. If you do not get Interviewed, it may be for these reasons; Ignore that this is all just copy & paste You have failed GIT multiple times (possible exceptions.) You have disrespected staff or members multiple times. You have not been active for long enough. You are too young / not of age. You are on an Interview blacklist. You simply didn't show up to Interviews. If you don't show, there will be no "after interviews." No excuses. It is required to have a microphone. There cannot be any exceptions, three reasons being; We must know that the player is 'real'. Obtain a sense of personality from the player. See that they have enough confidence to be able to talk and deal with people or chat in meetings. Timezone Information posted here. I hope to see you there! California (U.S.A - Western): 11 am Chicago (U.S.A - central): 1 pm New Jersey (U.S.A - Eastern): 2 pm Charlotte Town (Canada - Prince Edward Island): 3 pm London (UK - England): 6 pm Denmark (European): 8 pm Hong Kong (China): 2 am Please review this post before applying; Discord information;
  9. CamoWisp

    97daebak app

    you're in.
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    Ban Appeal (Unbanned)

    You built a secret entrance & entire lab from Drew's base without his permission, which is by definition griefing. I forgot to take proof of this but I could roll-it back if need be or Drew can confirm. You will be unbanned in a few days.
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    Interviews - September 16th

    snor for guardian
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    I Think DSK greifed my house... Kind of... (Solved!) (Accepted)

    He has been banned and the area rolledback.
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    1.13! Spawn Town Mansion Sweepstakes And Info!

    re-read the 1.13 post u daft cunt
  14. [Lines highlighted in this color means that the feature does not currently work and needs updated.] Hello, everyone. This is the changelog & information post for our servers 1.13.1 update. This is quite long, and a tl;dr will not cut it whatsoever. I implore you to read it though, as you may need to know quite a bit of info before going onto the server for the update when it releases. There's not much else to say as the rest of the post covers it for me. The release date for our servers update is this weekend, unless something major comes up that we need to fix. COMMUNITY FEEDBACK Since this update more than likely faces the most changes the server has seen in years, we will be paying attention to reports, feedback and [constructive] criticism from the community to decide whether or not to make changes and decisions accordingly, if substantial and logical enough. I myself already foresee many complaints considering specific changes that have been made, so please, before spouting off about a certain change, think about a constructive way to discuss it whether that be on the Forums, Discord, or in-game. This update & specific plugins are somewhat buggy, and just about every player will come across a specific issue or more. If this happens, please report them to Administrators so that we may attempt to fix them. If the issue relates to an exploit, or something a player can abuse to gain an advantage in Survival, a direct/private message would be more preferred so that information doesn't get leaked to others playing Survival. An important side-note, ranked kits will be disabled in the first two weeks of Survival. This is so every member starts off relatively the same to be fair. Imagine spawning with the normal starter tools, then an Emerald shows up and automatically has full enchanted diamond everything in the first second. Donators during that time will still receive their commands, legacy items, and money bonuses as normal, but will only have access to kits once the two weeks are up. Drop Parties are also on hold until the end of the two-week phase. SERVER RULE CLEANUP We've decided to "clean up" some of the rules on the server. Certain useless rules have been removed, or merged with others to make the /rules list a bit shorter, while the forums will be the most in-depth take on the rules for those who wish to read it. The current /rules number is 20 from 34 (this may end up being lower or higher in the future.) The reason for this being is that over the years, many different rules have been broken by loop-holes and thus, bam, new rule had to be made. Though at the same time, some rules have lost relevancy as they only applied for certain situations years ago that are no longer applicable today (whether there have been changes in permissions, plugins, or vanilla Minecraft.) If you complain about the number of rules our server has, just remember this server has been up for about 5 years and we've had many, many members constantly break new rules that we've had to create. It's difficult for us to have a low number of rules without things going south. SPAWN Spawn has been built to be smaller & less detail-heavy for less lag. keepInventory is enabled in spawn, and other regions set. mobGriefing is disabled in spawn, and other regions set. Stealing is not allowed in spawns/certain regions, if even possible. The Nether and End portals have been completely removed from spawn. Players build portals on their own or find them. Basic rule board. Rule book now has a basic rule list. I have created a new "Useful Commands" book players start off with for easy command reference (/help may show too much.) These books can be re-spawned with /kit ServerBooks. Portals to the other servers. Recommended Towny towns board (soon to be added after towns are established.) SPAWN TOWN Down the road from spawn, there will be a growing non-towny town that players can join when joining the server for the first time. You may optionally live in the town for a period of time (or forever,) or go out into the wild. The towns purpose is to give a somewhat calmer start-up for current/new members. Though this town is non-towny, it still follows towny type rules. The town will be managed by staff members and TEAtime2012/certain other users. ADMIN/SPAWN SHOPS The admin shops are all in one area for compact and easy usage. + Builder - The new bark blocks (6-sided log.) - Styled stone bricks (cracked/mossy/chiseled.) - Stripped bark blocks. - Stripped log blocks. - Smooth variant of blocks. - Mushroom Blocks. - Quartz (chiseled/pillar.) - Red Sandstone (cut/smooth.) - Sandstone (cut/smooth.) + Blacksmith - Stone Tools. - Stone Sword. - Leather Armor. - Bow. - Arrows. - Iron Tools. - Iron Sword. - Iron Armor. + Basic Foods - Bread. - Raw Cod. - Raw Salmon. - Raw Chicken. - Raw Rabbit. - Raw Mutton. - Cake. - Apple. + Spelunker - [Expensive] Dragon Egg (post-ender dragon.) - [Expensive] Dragon Head (post-ender dragon.) - [Expensive] Elytra Wings (post-ender dragon.) - [Expensive] Certain Mob Eggs. - [Expensive] End Portal Frame (post-end portal opening.) This will allow players to create their own End Portals at home. + HeadDatabase GUI NPC. + Bounties GUI NPC. NOTE: Shop items can be edited at any time. SURVIVAL/CHAT World difficulty has been lowered from Hard to Normal. keepInventory is now disabled in the wild. When dying upon PvP, you will not drop your items. Your items will still drop upon PvE and other deaths, however. XP will still drop. mobGriefing is now enabled in the wild. TNT is now enabled in the wild. This allows players to finally once again be able to use mcMMO's blast mining. firespreads/doFireTick is now enabled in the wild. Fire will spread again, so be careful where you light fires. Stealing is now allowed in the wild, however only dropped items. Stealing from containers or in spawn/towns is not allowed. mcMMO may have higher personal incentive to be used/leveled. FrameProtect has been fixed. Your item frames, paintings, and armor stands are automatically protected after placement. MoreFish has been re-added for daily fishing tournaments each day. CraftableHorseItems plugin has been removed. AwesomeLag plugin has been removed. RandomTeleport command cool-down and teleport radius have been increased. SimplePets configured to fit in better with Survival. ChatFeelings has been re-added (now with spam prevention.) MyChristianSwearFIlter plugin has been added. Memes aside, this allows players to censor swears for themselves with /mcsf toggle. PartSleep plugin has been added. This allows the night to skip when a certain percent of players are asleep. Currently 50%. TOWNY & TOWNS Stealing is not allowed in towns. Though it may still be possible to steal, if the rule is broken the player will be banned and the items returned. Towns considering mobGriefing are mayor/plot-determinant. Towns considering PvP are mayor/plot-determinant. Towns considering PvE are mayor/plot-determinant. Towns considering firespreads are mayor/plot-determinant. Warp rules have been edited a bit. Look on the forum post for more info. Towns that run out of funds will no longer be demolished, however there are still consequences of running out of town funds. - The town plots will be removed upon a town "falling into ruin." The mayor must re-place every plot created. - The town is then susceptible to wilderness rules, meaning the town community may be less safe until the mayor replaces the town plots/claims. - The /t spawn (town spawn warp) will be removed until the mayor replaces the town plots/claims. ECONOMY /sell and /worth have been heavily configured. Auctions plugin has been removed. /jobs are now one of the main sources of money. Jobs has been configured to fit in better with economy. Mall shops and other types of shops will hopefully be used much more considering the new /sell prices. Money is now mainly player-regulated. The only "infinite" money source would come from the Jobs plugin, however you have to work for it. Every player spawns/starts out with $100 to get things rolling. PVP Bounty Compass price increased from $1,000 to $3,000. Added the PvPManager plugin. - Players are protected for about 5 seconds after respawning. - PvP kill spam/abuse is "not allowed." You are automatically kicked after killing someone 5 times in a row. There's a 120 second check frame for this. - Players become "tagged" upon attacking another player. Leaving the server in this time is considered PvP logging and you will lose items. - No more PvP logging. - No more quickly using commands during PvP to escape or gain an advantage. - No more flying while in combat. - No more gamemode switching while in combat. - You gain $15 for killing a player, while that player also loses $15 to avoid duplication and exploitation. - New players are protected for 25 minutes, their choice to disable it. (/pvp disable.) - When dying due to PvP, your items will not drop. However your XP will. OldCombatMechanics (1.8 PvP) has been re-added. - No more attack cool-down. - Sword sweep disabled (particle effect still shows up.) - You can still craft & use shields. - You can still use your off-hand. - 1.8 Armor stats. - 1.8 Weapon/tool stats. - 1.8 Golden apples. - 1.8 Potion effects. - 1.8 Player regeneration. - 1.8 Fishing rod knockback. - 1.9 Ender pearl throw cool-down. - 1.9 Player collision. NOTE: Try setting bounties on players if they are being a nuisance. Other players may wish to hunt them. CREATIVE Creative mode has some new rule changes. - You are no longer able to build with GMC for other players who are in Survival, unless they are building in Creative as well. - You are still able to build & sell houses with GMC in Towny towns. This is for town builds to be easier and less ugly looking. - You are not allowed to assist a survival resident with building on their plot whilst in GMC, unless they are in GMC as well. Creative server soon to be re-opened. MCMMO HORSES mcMMOHorses has been re-added. - /h claim to claim a horse after taming and placing a saddle on it. - Your first horse claim will cost $200. Every horse after that multiplies the price by 2. Your second horse is $400, next is $800, and so on. - /h summon to summon the horse at any time with a cool-down. - /h banish despawns the horse for summoning later with a cool-down. - /h set [Horse] name [Name] allows you to rename your horse for free. - /h sell [Price] [Player] allows you to sell your claimed horse(s) to another user. - /h buy allows you to accept a players sell offer, or you can /h decline. - /h kill [Horse] to permanently remove (kill) your horse. - /h me to show your current horses. - /h stats [Horse] to show your horses levels & stats. - Emeralds can color their horses names. This plugin also gives horses special capabilities that level up over time through mcMMO. - Swiftness: Increases the speed of your horse (activates when the horse jumps/double-jumps.) - Agility: Increases the chance of dodging attacks (activates when the horse is attacked.) - Vitality: Increases the health of your horse (instantly activates/increases when your horse is attacked.) - Wrath: Temporarily disables damage and increases speed (activates when the horse is attacked with a projectile/thorns.) RANKS/KITS Kits now have a higher cool-down rate. Was 2 days, now 4. Curse of Vanishing has been added to all ranked tool/armor kits. Upon PvE death the items will disappear. - This gives kits more personal value and incentive to keep them safe until the cool-down is over. EditableSign plugin added. - Type /es to enable the ability to edit signs. - Iron ranks and up can edit signs by shift+left (or shift+right) clicking them. - Emerald ranks and up can edit/create colored signs. Kits are disabled in the first two weeks of Survival. NOTE: Anyone who donates in the first two weeks will receive their bonuses such as money & legacy items, but still won't be able to use kits. EVENTS Event team "hiring" will take place sometime soon. Frequent events are planned, but not promised. Drop Parties are now every two weeks instead of one. - First party will be held at the end of the first two weeks post-release. 1.13.1 DEVELOPMENT CREDITS @Lucy [Spawn-Lead, Mall, Staff Area, Spawn Town-Lead] @TEAtime2012 [Spawn-Lead, Mall-Lead, Staff Area, Spawn Town-Lead, Drop Party Area-Lead] @CamoWisp [Spawn, Mall, Drop Party Area, Staff Area, Server/Plugin Configuration, Tester] @Anthrax [Server-Side/BungeeCord Setup, Server/Plugin Configuration] @DK Knight [Server/Plugin Configuration] @TrevorATA [Spawn, Spawn Town, Despacito 2 & All-Star 2, Tester] @Sorrrow [Spawn, Mall, Staff Area, Tester] @ConnorWolf [Spawn, Staff Area, Arena] @KingBootyMunch [Spawn, Staff Area] @KristinaPickle [Spawn] @StarzInDarkness [Spawn] @Possessed [Spawn, Arena-Lead] @WickedRainG [Tester] @KingOfWizards [Tester] @Taramagnificent8 [Tester] @_Zavo_ [Tester] And, once again, @KingOfWizards for inspiring the 1.13.1 DS Update. Without the ideas bounced back-and-forth, our 1.13.1 would have just been a "make spawn smaller and call it a day" update.
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    1.13.1 Server Release Date & Changelog

    Server updated to 1.13.1.
  16. CamoWisp

    1.13! Spawn Town Mansion Sweepstakes And Info!

    Maybe not so close to spawn, lol
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    1.13.1 Server Release Date & Changelog

    Added the bounty compass again, just made it more expensive. yeppers
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    1.13.1 Server Release Date & Changelog

    @Minecrafteez "You are no longer able to build with GMC for other players who are in Survival, unless they are building in Creative as well." Could probably do that in the rules section of the forums. /rules, rule signs, and rule book aren't meant to be too in-depth but I believe /rules on 1.13 currently explains it well enough. ...Because it's finally available to us? I'm not going to wait until Christmas break or god forbid next summer. Server would probably close if we did that. k The kits have unbreaking on them and mostly consist of iron/diamond tools...how much more durability to you need. If you're that desperate just repair them in vanilla or wait the 4 days. Kits are more or less temporary survival boosts if anything anyways though it's still possible to keep them if you work towards it and keep them safe. You are still able to make much stronger tools/gear in vanilla MC anyways.
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    1.13 Release info here: https://www.diamondshaft.com/topic/4328-113-server-release-date-changelog/ Gon' lock this post
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    1.13.1 Server Release Date & Changelog

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    Town Rules & Warp Requirements

    Hello, everyone. Some staff members have recently decided to start giving town warps again, as it's been wanted for a short while, however users now (again) constantly ask for them, which is clearly annoying. So to prevent constant asking, super small towns getting warps, and the /warp list expanding to like 3 pages, I'm setting requirements. Main Requirements: Do not ask Moderators/Administrators for warps if you have not met these requirements, we will just be annoyed. If the Mayor has already set Towny for the town, they will not receive a warp. Fair and simple, as Towny towns already have their own. You must pay the Mod/Admin $5000 for a warp. As I said, I do not want the warp list expanding by so much. You must have at least 10 residents in the town. Anyone living there counts. You must have at least 10 buildings. Whether these are a combo of houses, or shops, etc, it doesn't matter. Don't be annoying or disrespectful (in general.) If you're a piece of shit to a Mod/Admin, chances are you wont receive the warp. Town name. We need a name to set for the town warp, obviously. Town warp area. EDIT #1: Only Mayors can pay for their town, however anyone can loan them cash. EDIT #2: Once requirements are met, the warp stays forever. If you do not meet these requirements, you will obviously not have access to a /warp. There will of course be specific towns that have received warps for free (approved by an Admin,) but this will more than likely be a rarity. If you can't come up with the funds, you can try to meet the optional requirements. Optional Requirements: Town rule board and/or map, at or near the warp point. Themed town. Actually creative town name. Above-average builds (get builders or friends to help.) Roads. Shops. Nice scenery. These requirements are completely optional. However, if every single one of these requirements are met, you can receive your warp without paying $5000. Of course, the "Above-average builds" may differ from staff opinions, but we'll try to be very open about it. "Normal Town Rules" I wanted to clarify some things for mayors and "normal town rules." Normal town rules defined by the mayor do not effect server rules, in any way. For example, if the mayor decides that griefing is allowed, their "rule" will be ignored and staff will enforce the server rule all the same. Some other rules can be made, such as build-theme rules. An example being, in Sunset Isles, you cannot build on the exterior of your home, without permission. (Staff may have to approve some build rules.) If you are confused on what rules you can make or change, feel free to try and ask a staff member for assistance. "Towny Town Rules" Mayors have a bit more freedom with deciding rules for their towny town. However stealing will not be allowed in any towny town whatsoever. Towny towns still apply to server rules, aside from choices in PvP, mobGriefing, firespreads, and mobspawning. However some of these should only be enabled in specific, closed-off plots, as depending on the mayors choices, the town could preform better or worse than other towns. If you are confused on how to set up a Towny town, type "/towny" in-game and it will show you a category of commands you can enter, for example "/resident ?" or "/plot ?" This will help immensely if you just test around a bit and learn the system. If you are uncomfortable with Towny, you can try joining someone else's town for a while, or make a normal town (though not very recommended due to the rules.)
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    Town Rules & Warp Requirements

    Updated. (8/29/2018.) (Like the spam yet?)
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    Before You Apply

    Edited to be more up-to-date.
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    Read this jackeebolp

    I'm locking this post to help incentivize her to appeal in the right area. @AnnaPlays 142 As Rick said, please appeal in this section of the forums: https://www.diamondshaft.com/forum/13-appeal-a-ban/ I'd suggest reading this post first for the template: https://www.diamondshaft.com/topic/4-ban-appeal-template/