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  1. KryptPick's Ban Appeal

    Please follow the ban appeal template.
  2. It will be A While, Diamondshaft....

    Are you my surprise birthday gift?
  3. I got banned

    @Godsofboss It's all you, Oke Stroke
  4. Sly_Assasins Ban appeal (Declined)

    No, we most likely said not to blatantly copy the example appeal that is on there. Either way, you are not supposed to appeal until November. Denied.
  5. Leutie Appeal Unban (Unbanned)

    bolp is no longer on the staff team, so I will unban you. Do not break the rules again.
  6. Is it True?

    Your ban is blacklisted, meaning you will never be unbanned. You cannot just pay money to avoid that. Stop making a fool of yourself trying to be unbanned. You were banned too many times, and have made a plethora of ban appeals. Anymore posts about your ban, and I will have to restrict you from posting on the forums.
  7. waterlover17's unban appel (Unbanned)

    I'll unban you, don't do it again.
  8. Build Team Application

    Accepted! Can you rejoin the DS Discord, as well?
  9. Build Team

    Added rules #7, #8, and #9.
  10. StarzInDarkness' Build Team Application

  11. Build Team

    Not like applications have a time limit
  12. Connor61404 Build Team Application

  13. PossessedHail Build Team Application

  14. Build Team

    Dev server is finished.