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  1. Look what I found

    Please don't necro posts.
  2. Wanting to be Banned after Years. (Unbanned)

    I'll unban you.
  3. One Question

  4. PERI_K had a farm and hes farm was griefd (Rejected)

    Found the area, but I guess the farms were fixed and/or replaced by you.
  5. mac3375 was griefing. (Accepted)

    Mac3375 has been banned, and the town has been fixed. The town was built months ago, so no "build" logs showed up. But the way he griefed, he clearly didn't have any intent of "removing his old town", most likely just wanted to take anything from any chests.
  6. Blaze_Slaze Ban Appeal (Unbanned)

    I will unban you.
  7. supy28 ban appeal (Unbanned)

    I will unban you, since Cesar hasn't been on the staff team for a few years. If you wish to re-connect with friends, I'd suggest joining our Discord server. https://discord.gg/UBMsjM3
  8. Regarding Banning Players (Declined)

    I'm not sure this has really been a problem as of recent?
  9. Slot machine Plugin (Pending)

    May implement this eventually, if possible with enough configuration to make things fair.
  10. Kryptpick' ban appeal (Unbanned)

  11. ban appeal (Unbanned)

    I'll unban you, if Nathaniel has not done so already. If you want proof, I can maybe ask him when he's free.
  12. Missing Items (Rejected)

    Late as fuck but what are the co-ordinates? 10/4/2017 Edit: I guess the report will be declined.
  13. Richncal griefed my house (Accepted)

    Guess this was already fixed.
  14. Sunnyday 2723 kept killing me (Rejected)

    I'm guessing no punishment will be given. Declined.
  15. Report a Grief (Accepted)

    We need co-ordinates for the rest. EDIT: Just realized all of these reports are from Bugville. I'd much rather nuke the place and be done with it but I'll go there.