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  1. yo vampy, luk blew up my survival+ house

    1. KingVampy


      If it was in the Wild, then griefing is fine. If you don't want anyone destroying your builds then you may want to switch back to normal Survival or join/create a town in game.

  2. Survival+ is Online.

    Hello, everyone. DiamondShaft has clearly been quite "dead," but I decided I'd be working on Survival+ whenever I felt like doing so. The server itself is not much different from before, however the "custom" world was removed (spawn was fucked over and I couldn't be asked to repair it by hand.) It is now a normal generated world with ExoticGarden plants. The spawn is downloaded from PMC, but it's good enough for what was needed. Plugins were all updated, their explanations will be listed below. To join the server, enter the main Survival server and type /server Survival+. Or, you can type /server and click where it says "Survival+". If you do not have your donator rank, just ask me to set it and I will do so once I get the chance. PLUGINS: SlimeFun - Adds more functionality to Survival. Create different types of crafting areas for new items and weapons, etc. CraftBook - Adds more functionality to Survival. Examples; footstep particles, ladder gravity, etc. ChestShop - Lets you create shops with chests. CraftableHorseItems - Self explanatory. You are now able to craft all horse items in Survival. SimplePets - Essentially just EchoPet. Lets you spawn in and customize your pets (Prophet only.) ProjectKorra - Lets you bind your hotbar for bending. TrailGUI - Lets you spawn custom trails that follow you. (Donators only.) MarriageMaster - Dem block tiddies. Lets you "marry" a partner and somehow obtain Survival bonuses. ExoticGarden - More ways of creating food and more "plants" to find in the world. HorseProtect - Protect your horse with an Owner saddle. LuckyBlock - Craft a "LuckyBlock" and receive a random item, or something unlucky. RandomTeleport - Randomly teleport to an area near you. Vampire - Create a shrine of darkness to infect yourself and receive bonuses (harmful in the sun.) Shrine of light will cure you. MobHealth - See mob health bars. mcMMO - Currently does not work. Spigot needs updating on S+. mcjobs - Use a command to obtain multiple jobs and work for money. Alternative to selling items. RANKS: Donation page: https://diamondshaft.buycraft.net/ [Common] - Just member. Has access to some bending, marriage, horse protect, chest shop, and other basic Survival needs. [Citizen] - Iron. Has access to more trails, /back, /hat, /afk, /nick, and more sethomes. [Templar] Gold. Has access to more trails, /fly, and more sethomes. [Cleric] Diamond. Has access to more trails, chi bending, /clearinventory, /ptime, all Trails, vampire nightvision. [Prophet] Emerald. Has access to /pweather, /workbench, /feed, /enderchest, color signs, unlimited homes, and all pets. [Justiciar] Guardian. [Arbiter] Moderator. [Emissary] Administrator. Note; ranks do not yet automatically apply to players. An Admin has to set them all manually. All ranks obtain features from ranks before them. Creative is only given to certain staff/friends currently willing to help me with server builds. SERVER RULES & SETTINGS: Stealing allowed in the Wild. Griefing allowed in the Wild. PvP allowed in the Wild. Mayors can decide whether they want PvP in towns or not. Griefing in Town is bannable. Stealing in Town is bannable. No abuse of exploits or glitches. No spamming chat. No excessive caps. No disrespect of other players. No hacking or use of easy personal-gain mods. No advertising other Server IP's. No impersonation of staff members or other players. No threatening to "hack" the server or some shit. No inappropriate builds. No use of AFK Pools or machines. Survival server grinder rules. keepInventory is disabled. FireSpreads is enabled (may be disabled in WorldGuard regions and towns.) World border will be set to 100,000 in all worlds. mobGriefing is enabled (may also be disabled in regions.) Note; These rules & settings may change through feedback. Check back once in a while. This server is still not entirely "finished" and I don't think it ever will be, I'd like to work on it through player feedback (as that's what the original idea for it was, a mainly survival experience for fun plugins and no creative for players.) There may very well be issues on the server that still need fixing, so I'd like to be able to work on those issues as well. SPAWN LINK: https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/small-survival-spawn/ Created by: https://www.planetminecraft.com/member/john_sauve/
  3. How long is the sale

    Ends tomorrow
  4. I unbanned you from the essentials plugin. Try now.
  5. Map Download?

  6. Map Download?

    Read through this;
  7. i got banned for no reason please unban me

    Don’t need two people saying the same thing. Please don’t comment on appeals.
  8. X_Ray cheating isn't 100% certain

    It's spreading
  9. X_Ray cheating isn't 100% certain

    This. We also pay attention to if they are looking in a specific direction while mining forward, or another direction. If they decide to branch off, mine Diamonds, then go back and branch off to a different area, mine Diamonds (or another valuable) and, once again, go back, making it incredibly obvious they are using X-Ray. So, yeah, staff haven't been injected with the downs. X-Ray is bannable.
  10. yo vampy just wondering cuz im probably gonna buy a emerald rank in the future k so i know you cant give items to non members i was wondering because my 9 yr old sis wont have money to buy a rank would it be possible to make an ecception because i live in the same damm house as the kid?



    1. KingVampy


      I can't really do that. That'd be an easy pass for me to be demoted, if I did so without asking. I've asked a few rank exceptions for those who were either members for many years or whatever, but, in this case it's different. Not to mention it would be unfair to other families unless I gave their siblings free ranks.

    2. SethWarBrony


      so what your saying is that id the end of the world if i gave my lil sis a few items its not a free rank its just i give her some gear which really isnt the end of the world




    3. Finn Cabanaw
  11. so kingvampy i dont know much about the server and stuff but my bro seth is probably the most chill dude i know he legit works all day and really just plays mc to relax and is actually relaxed and accidently posted multiple of the same topic idek how but he really meant to post one and would wanna give her axer back and just wants to get back to enjoying his life so i see that he has somehow a problem with starting beef with ppl i get it but for someone to sit there and put words in his mouth by telling him he cant understand things your so wrong but idk why we cant all be actual civilized people and work it out its minecraft


    1. KingVampy


      I already gave the items back to her, but I guess I'll unban him. If I see him causing more issues I'll have to re-ban him.

  12. Report (Accepted)

    I have banned him from stealing your tools. The axe was also stolen. EDIT: Proof he asked for the tools back, Seth refused.
  13. Look what I found

    Please don't necro posts.
  14. Wanting to be Banned after Years. (Unbanned)

    I'll unban you.
  15. One Question