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  1. Lunning155

    Staff Update - 9/16/2018

    yeet yeet
  2. Lunning155

    Application for GIT

    Lies.. Everyone knows Wisconsin is a myth.
  3. Lunning155

    My ban appli (Declined)

    I'm so glad you did this. lol
  4. Lunning155

    Ban appeal (Unbanned)

    alrighty. i'm going to go ahead and unban you. Hopefully next time we can prevent such things and just avoid any kind of lack of communication from people you give things to. Thank you
  5. Lunning155

    Shulker Box Glitch

    yea .We have been having these problems a lot lately. I found my shulker boxes reset pretty often. Until we can truly figure out what is going on, try not to use shulker boxes too much.
  6. Lunning155

    Staff Update - 1/27/2018

  7. Lunning155

    Happy Birthday To Me I Guess

    oh but I am. hahaha
  8. Lunning155

    Lunning's G.I.T. Application

    MC User: Lunning155 Discord/TS3: Lunning155 Age: 20 Possible Recomendations: Most of the staff hopefully. I've worked with all of you besides the newest Guardians. Hello, I'm Lunning and I have recently came back to the server after my life has finally slowed down. I was a Guardian and went through the G.I.T. program around a year ago. Had to stop for college and focus on school. I am hoping to be able and help this great server once again and be a guardian eventually. I know I personally loved being able to help people on a higher level than just a member and I firmly believe people enjoyed how constant I was and willing to help with even the smallest thing. I'm a people person and will always be in either chat or discord, If not message me and I will be there.I have been apart of this community for over three years now and miss it greatly. Now I want to give back once again. Thank you for time. P.S. Snor: I hope you saved Paublo the Potato for me this whole time.
  9. Lunning155

    Who Are You? (Tell everyone a little about yourself)

    Hey guys. I am Lunning, and i'm also known as the Potato Master. I've been afk for about a year now and just now getting back. Miss you guys.
  10. Lunning155

    Staff Update August 2015 - GIT Graduation!, Demotions

    Congrats guys. I truly wish i could have been there but parents have yet to pay internet bill so for now i'm in the dark. Never the less i'm glad you two made it .? Also to League: I am still waiting for you man. Lol
  11. Lunning155


    Yea you need $1,000. Then you need to deposit around maybe $4,000 into the town bank by typing /town deposit [amount] . So then your town will not fall to ruin.
  12. Lunning155

    Player Vaults

    I could actually see this working possibly on Diamondshaft. It would expand some access to inventory and also give even more reasons to want to donate. It seems very nice.
  13. Lunning155

    Allowed mods

    Ok thanks
  14. Lunning155

    Allowed mods

    I was slightly confused about all the mods that are banned. I know ingame modifiers such as autofly, toomanyitems, etc are banned. But what about gui changers like SAO gui mod. It does not affect the game but just the look just like resource packs. So i was wondering if we could somehow clear up all the kinds that are and are not allowed. Another reason is because people are always asking me about it aswell. Thank you