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  1. I have been playing on this server for about a year, and many things have changed. All of the people that I came on the server to talk to left a while back, and now I just come on to check for griefs and kick people for spam and caps instead of coming on to have fun and play Minecraft. Around the time school ended, I realized that I didn't really enjoy coming on the server anymore, and was going to resign in early June, but decided to give it one last shot, and stay on a little longer. I have not been very active, because I'm never wanting to play Minecraft anymore. And with school just around the corner, I have no time to come on anyways. I have really enjoyed being staff on this server, but I have decided to resign, because I do not want to hold a spot as a Moderator, and not be very active, when there could be someone very qualified, and active to take my place. DiamondShaft is a great server, and I wish the best for it, I might come on every now and then to check on how things are going, but not for a while. So thank you everyone who made this server special for me, I'm sad to say this is GoodBye. -Hannah (lovely2100)
  2. You didn't follow the template lol, your IGN, why you were banned, who you were banned by, why you should be unbanned, etc.
  3. No, it was the whole corner of her house.
  4. Please follow the Ban Appeal Template.
  5. I'll unban you because you are an active player, just be aware of what you are doing when you're walking around on the server <3
  6. Okay do you see the two rows that don't have any crops on them? Yeah, well you destroyed those. That is more than one block, I wouldn't have banned you for just one block.
  7. ​You're not helping
  8. You didn't replant the crops, I usually don't post the proof until the person makes a ban appeal
  9. Aw camo, hope to see you around, it's really sad to see you go
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