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  1. Hey guys as mayor of the new Spawn Town(Timber Springs) I just wanted to create a little forum thingy to get feedback and some suggestions for the upcoming town. If you don't plan on joining the town, that's okay it can still serve a purpose to those who don't choose on living in it. The town will have many places to go and adventure in such as shops, hotels, aquarium?, restaurants, and many more cool and creative things soon to be built by the player base. I also wanted to address because many of you are used to my normal towns, that this one will work a little differently:
  2. Hey, guys! I want to announce that the Event Plaza that the build team, a few others and I have been working on for the past week is finally finished! The purpose of the plaza is to have a perfect environment to hold events, like easter egg hunts, scavenger hunts, festivals, contests, competitions, and more. We will be unveiling it this Sunday at 3 pm Eastern time(new york time) I attached an image so you can figure out what time zone you're in so you can make it. There will be prizes, a scavenger hunt, food, fireworks, skin competition and more! If you miss it don't worry! we will have
  3. Alright, so I want to apply for the BT. My ig is TEAtime2012. I've built a few things for the server and myself. Such as the drop party mansion and arena 2. I've always been a town whore but im kinda bored of it, so I would like to focus on doing server builds. From owning several towns and being ex-staff I think I can be trusted not to tamper with other member's builds or break the trust of the people around me. I love building it's my favorite part of the game, but even more, I love building for other people, that's why I'm applying for this and not staff. I want to build. I love building
  4. Okay so I originally did not want to create a topic on the subject but I figured it would be the responsible thing to do. Yes, after three long years am leaving DS, for good I'm not kidding. I've found the server has lost its 'touch' at least in my perspective the community is split and there is much rivalry, I do admit though most of it is my fault, lately I've been immature, inconsiderate and honestly just a flat out cocky asshole. I apologize to those I've hurt, and to my friends. It's not just the drama though I'm bored, I have no inspiration and when I do get the chance to steal some its
  5. Bi-Weekly PVP Tournaments Post Every week we will now host PVP tournaments, they will be every Saturday at 3pm eastern standards time(New York Time) at /warp Arena2. Each tournament will have a theme such as: > Zombie Apocolypse > Fist Fighting; Empty Inventory PVP > Hunger Games > Etc And of course, every tournament will be handed out prizes, and the more people show up the more prizes so even if your not a pvper I would recommend showing up. The prizes will be things such as weapons, armor, diamonds, money, etc. If your, not a big pvper we still
  6. max I will unban you, but please understand that we do not accept any form of afk pool or auto farm regardless of the time or presence.

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We are DiamondShaft, a medium-sized Minecraft survival server that has been around for over six years and aims to achieve a simple, community survival experience.

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