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  1. hey guys so i've been playing for a while and applied a lot but i was gonna try to get GIT bruh Dx I know how to use block log and worldedit i just need op my skills: sometimes i'm sober for more than 4 hours i know how to spell and i've been play for years so you should give me GIT fuck it give me moderator FUCK IT GIVE ME ADMIN IM TAILS I'M DAT MAYNE PLEASE i promise i'm not on crack also if i get admin i can do something about all the fun i can do something about all the I need to get off dialup i can do something a
  2. Hello, I'm Tails. I understand that I've applied for G.I.T. on this server many times, but I'd like to keep trying just because I think that I would be an Ok staff member on Diamondshaft. I do enjoy helping others when I can, and I also enjoy a little sense of authority when it comes to people who think it's funny to steal or grief or used hacked clients. Why do I wish to become Guardian on Diamondshaft? Because I enjoy this server, and I think it has a pretty great staff team too. I would like to be the kind of person to be able to handle other players' problems as soon as possible. I don't w
  3. Hello, I'm BlissfulKnight. Or as most of you know me, I'm Tails. I would like to apply for G.I.T. on the Diamondshaft survival server. I wish to apply, because I have quite a bit of expirience with plugins used as a staff member, such as: MCBans, Logblock, etc. I also know the Diamondshaft community quite well. I have been playing for two years, and I do enjoy this server. I can be active, I can be mature, I can be a help for the community, I can frequently be on the forum page, and I can frequently monitor the discord if needed. Age: 12 Timezone: Eastern time Username: Blissful
  4. Check out this cool Ying and Yang simble I found in Minecraft while playing Beta 1.7! Looks quite interesting, if you ask me. So I decided to share it with you guys! Oh, how I miss the old terrain generation of Beta 1.7. (Please don't hate me if you think this post is weird or off topic.)
  5. I had No idea Advertising Wasn't Allowed on Signs, and plus, Atleast I didn't advertise to the Whole server This isn't A fair Ban. I was Told That it just wasn't Allowed in Open Chat. New Rule? You should've told me >:/ Please Unban me -Tails
  6. Ok First of all. I had No idea That Advertising through Signs was Not allowed. I was simply Told that I wasn't Allowed To Advertise In Open Chat. Second of all, You Don't Just Ban Someone For that.. You Give them a Warning.. Atleast I wasn't Advertising to the Whole server! This Is Not Fair! Please Unban me, -Tails
  7. I'm sick of the lag plugin, and I'm tired of seeing awesome, cool, fun, and amazing coming up EVERYWHERE in chat. I've heard many complaining about this plugin, and I myself hate it. What's worst? the accadional "lag" from someone in chat, or ilag, iag, awesome, cool, fun, and amazing, ALL THE TIME. So tell me. WHO'S WITH ME?? WHO WILL HELP ME CONVINCE STAFF TO GET RID OF THE LAG PLUGIN??!! -Tails
  8. Yes.. it is me.. after 3 weeks of being banned.. Tails.. I know what I did. and it's stupid. I was angry. I thought everyone was against me. and I feel really bad for the grief. But.. you guys are my only friends.. and I know no one wants me unbanned, but I still think Diamondshaft is the best server.. infact I litterally quit minecraft for 3 weeks.. But I couldn't take it anymore. I wanted to go on Diamondshaft and see my friends everyday after school. Diamondshaft really is a fun server, lots of cool plugins, a lot of great staff, and a lot of great people. I know I griefed. and I'm sorry. A

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We are DiamondShaft, a medium-sized Minecraft survival server that has been around for over six years and aims to achieve a simple, community survival experience.

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