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  1. It's summer for me now, my brother is in his Junior year. LIFE'S TOO QUICK!

  2. I know what tower you are talking about, and it's on my house. I was using it for acrobatics, and I completely forgot about that rule. I had gotten bored of digging an acrobatics skill tower underground, so i made one on my balconey. Oh sorry I didn't see that you said somebody ELSE'S house. If you are counting superflowerbed and I, then I guess it's mine and somebody else's. Sorry about all my replies, but when i join the server it doesn't say Griefing LB Proof. Either that's normal, or it just means proof hasn't been posted yet.
  3. I have been on this server for about 2 years now, and I know the rules very well. Recently I tried to get onto DiamondShaft, and it said that I had griefed a 1x1 pillar. It seems likely that I might've done this maybe on accident or on purpose, for I haven't been on for a month and it could've happened any time imbetween. I searched the forums many times, and I couldn't find ban evidence under QueenVampy, the guardian that banned me. I am not disagreeing that I deserved to be banned, but would like to see the evidence. I have been here since 1.7 (i think) and I really love the server. I have some possible ideas for where I broke the pillar, for I don't know who's it was. 1. In my town, KenjisBigBro built a temple that I allowed him to build. At some point I might've went inside, it doesn't have doors, and accidently broken a pillar. 2. I went mining with 2 other people including (I'm not sure) WickedRainGaming and some diamond. I had a diamond pickaxe, and since they are very fast i might've broken a pillar somewhere underground, but I don't know why it would be there. Thank you for hopefully viewing this post, for I don't wish to make anybody upset that I might've broken their stuff.
  4. Good night people. Its only now evening where i am and im sleepy


  5. Whoo, we got snow in the south!

    Time to set a new record!

  6. It makes me feel like you're bragging and depressed at the same time... stay happy...
  7. Hey, if anybody can give me a small loan of a million dollars, that'd be nice. (Donald Trump Joke)

  8. Crafteez got greifed, from what I've heard it's bad.

  9. Ugh Christmas is over and school is about to start. Hey, at least I kinda like school!

  10. Merry Christmas guys! As you can see, I am very happy about it. :3 I hope you all have a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  11. Nurmle

    Nurmle's ban

    Player: Nurmle Server: Survival Reason: Griefing LB Proof I have no idea why I was banned. I promise the only thing that I mightve ever done is not replanting my farm. I would like to know what I did to grief lb proof.I have many friends on this server, and I would really like to be allowed back on. I really have no idea what I've done, once i found a house and opened a chest inside, but never took anything. I think that possibly was the last time I was on before the ban. If it was insl8r who told you that I had griefed his castle it would be because I Haven't completely moved out yet. If you could hane_2014, I would really like to know what I've done and try to fix it as soon as possible. If it was any part of the town that i built then I would think it is a misunderstanding. I have been on for about a year now (I think) and I would really like to be allowed back on the server. The reason I say I have no idea why is because this is all that pops up: Kicked whilst connecting to Survival: Reason: griefing lb proof, please create a ban appeal at www.diamondshaft.com/appeal Ban from: hane2014 Ban type: local http://mcbans.com/ban/5510695 Player name: Nurmle (otherwise known as Rowls)
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