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  1. IGN: Il_Your_Dad_lI AGE: 14 Discord: Il Your Dad lI Hey guys, I've made about 6 applications in my time on DS figured i'd throw in another one for no reason. Looking to get more connected with DS and the people on it, emerald member for about 3 or 4 years now. Have enjoyed playing on the server for all of it, and have always tried to work on big projects on the server and tried to contribute ideas to it. Used to be known as Masterchief6677. I have access to anything i'd need for the job. Thanks for the read it's a bit of a short app but ill see you guys in the server some
  2. eyy whats up i used to be masterchief6677
  3. UPDATE: Ivysaur2 has just purchased the server from Anthrax. I think I speak for a large amount of the community when i say I cannot wait for Ivy to be able to implement, and do much more than he could as an Admin. This makes DS a much better place! "Fre robux fore al!" -Ivysaur2 (Head Admin/Owner)
  4. Its a joke, Anthrax promoted someone to Admin (Ivysaur2 being that person) as a joke.
  5. COPYCAT Thats nice of you Storm!
  6. On behalf of the entire Diamondshaft community, I want to say Thank you, Ivy for serving the community as a server Admin. It means a lot to everyone when someone will come in and help protect the server. Its so sad you have to retire of old age, but you had an unfathomable impact on the server! So thanks again!
  7. Right as I log on for the first time in a while, I meet a nice person. Im on for 1 week and now you are leaving? You had an influence on DS, thanks for being such a nice guardian. Best of Luck, Best Regards - Masterchief6677
  8. @cburry99 Try placing a sign on your doors, [Private] Minecraft Username
  9. The rules on the server really arent strict, nor do the staff overcompensate for any lack of rules, like really though? Btw see you on a week when you come back on
  10. Just so you know you arent really supposed to put MC stuff in here so u should take it down in case staff see it
  11. Yea, but unfortunately there are other ways to get free redstone items.
  12. So recently, ive been building a mansion for a friend and he wants redstoney features on it. Its in the water.. So i came up with the idea of if redstone was waterproof, I wouldnt have to make a tunnel, clear the water, and hope 2 god that not one block breaks.. This would really improve the restone side of the server by expanding what people can do in water. Thanks, Masterchief6677.
  13. hey i remember you from like 2 years ago when i first started playing on DS, i was getting griefed and you banned the people who were doing it haha. might be late but wb

  14. IGN: Masterchief6677 Age: 13 Teamspeak: Masterchief6677 Discord: iKindaNotReally Hey staff members and DS players. I have been an Emerald member of DS for around 2 years, however my last half year has been relatively inactive due to some life changing events. Anyways, for nearly the entire time I've been on the server, I've been trying to become a staff member. I like the server and always try to help people when i can, for instance I give out free stuff sometimes like Shulker Boxes. I have seen DS grow throughout the couple years I've been on, and this makes me care

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We are DiamondShaft, a medium-sized Minecraft survival server that has been around for over six years and aims to achieve a simple, community survival experience.

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