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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. AlphaBacca


    No not those fuckers I've had to deal with them on skyfactory
  3. Eh it's Bacca! You see the Twitter drama?

  4. erm Bacca its not unbammed its unbanned

  5. AlphaBacca

    UnnamedFile's Ban Appeal (Unbanned)

    youv been unbammed
  6. AlphaBacca


    mug your friends for the money
  7. AlphaBacca


    give bacca 4000$ pc
  8. AlphaBacca

    Ban Appeal

    you have been unbanned don't let it happen again
  9. AlphaBacca

    Im having connection issues

    At least your able to log in to your computer and that you don't have to use a potato for one R.I.P my pc 2016-2017
  10. AlphaBacca

    Enitity303 Unban

  11. AlphaBacca


    Happy Bday now how many slaps to the face is it this year
  12. AlphaBacca

    I Messed Up

    ill unban you dont let it happen again
  13. AlphaBacca

    Xx_shim_xX unban

    Seeing how you copied and pasted someone's appeal, I'm not going to unban you. I also know that you broke the rules extremely fast when you got back on the server, so I'm going to leave this appeal to @MrSnorman, since he originally had your next appeal around the 22nd of January.
  14. Mine was this my first Minecraft Xbox 360 world Before creative AKA when i was Big noob at it