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  1. I feel that we should not disable fly, all the way. I am thinking just like the end we should disable it in the nether, but for the overworld it helps us get around, which in turn does make the elytra redundant in the overworld, but still gives usage to them in the nether/end. If you do decide to remove them, i may suggest giving an elytra as a kit item for those who would get fly as a donation perk.
  2. Also i am assuming because of the nether update we will disable the nether at spawn until someone makes one or something?
  3. Honestly i have been wanting to return for awhile but due to creative it has really made me not want to come grind. But i am very happy with the changes that will be happening to DiamondShaft
  4. (#BlameSnor2k18) I Choose Snorman to become part of the Event Team @CamoWisp
  5. Hello Diamondshaft, This is ZelphionGaming or most of you know me as LightmagicMC, i have taken a long hiatus from minecraft and more importantly my home known as diamondshaft. I decided after gaining some inspiration and wanting to play and bring back my home to its former glory. I remember how the server usually had a lot of people and people would talk all the time we would do group projects and everything. I want to work on bringing the server back to that former glory, so for my plan is for me being on the event team i will start working on events for the upcoming reset when the new version comes out for everyone to play and enjoy and hopefully release events everyone one to two weeks maybe involving some prizes that may or may not be ranks coming out of my pocket! But something i need the community is to leave comments to let me know what types of events we wanna see and even some suggestions as to what they could be. If you would rather contact me through my discord i will have it down here on this post. But as for the rest i hope you all are enjoying your time and days and hopefully we will come back to our former glory of being populated and having fun like the good old days. Enjoy the rest of your day and please if you have any comments leave them in this post or send them to my discord and i will answer when i can! Discord: ZelphionGaming#6654 Teamspeak: ZelphionGaming Skype: lightmagic.123 IGN: ZelphionGaming
  6. According to your ban from MCBans you were banned on 4/02/2018. also i believe that Selling/Distributing/Borrowing Ranked Items is a Perm Ban. @CamoWisp Or @Anthrax https://www.mcbans.com/ban/5605940
  7. You were an awesome staff member and an even better friend i hope you find something else that will bring you as much fun and joy and freinds as Minecraft did.
  8. @KingVampy Can i have This Post Locked Please. Thanks
  9. Ive Been playing the server for 4 Years ive seen more than you im sure.
  10. i dont get how you see it as a ****post its kinda an issue that should be dealt with which is why i bring it up
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