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  1. IGN : KodakWhite69 Age : like 15 reason: I just got unbanned lol. I don't know I got banned before because I was immature trying to be funny but like that was like 2 years ago. I want to be staff bc I like doing stuff idk this game is boring but helping people / working with people is always fun. :))))))))))))))
  2. I don't know but causing issues is not something I'm interested in. I don't even play this game anymore I just thought it would be cool if I could get unbanned and see what's up and shit I guess.
  3. Ign - KodakWhite69 (banned as Da_Hungry_Turtle) Server- survival Banned by - eddy Date of ban - 2016-08-15 03:58:52 Reason - homophobia Ok so it's been 4 years since i first joined this server and i dont even know if it is still active but its been almost 2 years since I've been banned. I don't really know how I can defend myself because im not homophobic I was just joking. I'd like to be unbanned because I want to see if this server is still active because I havent even played this game since when I got banned. Thanks for reading my appeal.
  4. Username: KodakWhite69 (formally Da_Hungry_Turtle)Server: SurvivalBanned By: eddydamooseDate of Ban: 2016-08-15 03:58:52Reason: homophobia Hello it is me again. I have been playing on diamondshaft since 2014. Ok so I was banned almost a year ago for homophobic remarks that I made but it was a joke and in no way do I mean what I said. I apologize to anybody I offended including Eddy, with my careless language. I hope you can forgive me as it has it has been almost a year since I've been on the server. Any time I've ever played minecraft was on this server because it was the most enjoyable experience I could get out of this game. Inevitably the community has changed much as I would assume but despite that I know it remains a great community. I miss the diamondshaft experience and would like to see if forgiveness is an option for me. Thanks for reading my appeal.
  5. Hello it's me again Username: StarsInDarkness (formally Da_Hungry_Turtle)Server: SurvivalBanned By: eddy/mrsnormanDate of Ban: 2016-08-15 Reason: homophobic remarks Okay so I'm guess all you staff already know me and yes I'm back. I figured since it's been like 5 months I'd like to ask for forgiveness. I've been playing on diamondshaft since early 2014 and I sat well in the community until a few months ago. Being a moody teen I would take out my frustration on people online, stupid in. And then one day after everyone was tired of my shit I saif some fcked up homophobic shit. I'm sorry.. people make mistakes. But you may ask, how can you make so many mistakes and not learn? That I don't know but recently I've started streaming and stuff and learned that you have to respect people even though you don't like them. It's been a while since I've been on and I just want to get on and play some minecraft with friends like before. Thanks for reading my appeal I appreciate it and I apologize for my shitty behavior.
  6. IGN - PearPies69 (formerly known as da_hungry_turtle) Server- survival Banned by - eddy Date of ban - 2016-08-15 03:58:52 Reason - homophobia Hello I've been playing on diamondshaft since the start of 2014 and I was very active. I have supported the server by donating on multiple accounts. I was banned for homophobia on the server. So basically what happened was dub and Neil got married or something and I thought they were both guys so I messaged eddy as a joke "That's some gay shit" and I got an instant ban. Personally I don't think that's fair without a warning and I didn't even address the people I think it would offend. Eddy is always making jokes like that in ts so he obviously wasn't offended and that's why I think I was banned unfairly. I just want to get on the server because I had a lot of friends and I enjoyed playing with friends. Another reason I was banned was because I was "bothering" dak but I apologized and he forgave me. I also apologized to eddy if I offended him but I don't see how it could of because it was in private message for the reason not to offend anybody. I was simply asking him something with a joke. I am sorry for all the shit i have done in the past. As I suggested last appeal was that maybe I get an unban but be muted because I only get banned for chat related issues. I would say 90% of my bans are because of chat and the rest are just stupid. I really am sorry if I offended anybody but I am a lot more mature and if I do get unbanned while staying muted I couldn't really break any rules. I don't grief or anything so that's not an issue I only play with my friends who can take jokes and like to joke around. A reason I think I was getting in trouble a lot was because when I was bored and had no friends online I was trying to joke around with people online. With mine craft being popular with kids i would assume they be sensitive and not take jokes the right way. I apologize for not understanding that. Thank you for reading my appeal and this is probably my last because of this isn't accepted I probably wouldn't never be. I am very sorry though and I really miss this amazing community. I have tried other servers but it's just not the same. Anyways whoever read this have a good day <3
  7. Ign - PearPies69 (formally known as Da_Hungry_Turtle) Banned by Eddy on survival server like 2 weeks ago. I was banned for homophobic jokes and I said I wouldn't come back but I miss playing minecraft and building with my friends. So what this is, is an appeal but I want to appeal to be unabnned but muted. The reason I was banned was for chat related issues. I don't think I deserve to be banned from the whole server, but banned from the part I did wrong on. An example of this would be twitch. In twitch if you get banned that restricts you from talking in chat but you can still watch. If I am on diamondshaft the only way I could bother anyone would be through chat so why not just mute me. I do truly apologize for offending anybody with jokes sometimes I can have no chill but I really do miss playing some games with my friends. I could just talk to them privately like through a call so I don't bother anybody. I'm pretty sure the people who know me know that I can be pretty chill or pretty annoying. I try not to offend people but somtimes im not in the best mood and drop my anger on people. I'm sorry, I really am. If you ever let me back on I'd be fine with being muted because it's the people I am friends with I want to play with, not the ones who don't like me. Thank you for reading my appeal and hopefully you take my request in consideration. Much love - Turtle (PearPies69)
  8. You should get banned for direct swearing
  9. I know it's not funny, and I have nothing against the LGBT community.
  10. Banned by eddy on survival server. Okay I think the staff are done with my shit and I don't know what my problem is but I'm not used to such a sensitive community. This is not an appeal I just wanna say goodbye to diamondshaft because I love you guys and I will miss you. Since its in the ban appeal section I may as well explain. OK so dub logged into the server and Eddy asked dub if Dub and Neil are still a thing. I thought dub was a guy (still don't know) so I msg (to avoid offending amybody) Eddy "Isn't dub a guy? That's some gay shit amirite". I msged eddy because he seems like the person who doesn't give a shit and I got banned I didn't think I offended anybody because I msged Eddy (who I believe is straight) to ask a question with a little joke. I apologize to Eddy if I offended you. So I guess this is goodbye to this server (I'm sad but I know nobody cares) and maybe I'll be back on one day who knows. Thanks for the fun times and all. Peace ✌. PS. I reccomend you only ban people if someone is offended (I msged someone who I didn't think would be) and maybe give them a chance to apologize before just straight out banning them because some people have bad days and want a laugh and they say stuff without thinking about it. Bye for now, -Turtle
  11. God dammit possessed u know that I was dead af awake for like 60 hours I was saying random shit..... and do really dislike me that much xP
  12. Is it up to snor to finish the job or something, like its his case
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