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  1. I was wondering if the diamondshaft mod pack was still open cause why not and wanna play but I dont have the server Ip anymore cause I switched computer so can someone tell me the server Ip if it is still up
  2. Tdog

    GIT's for March 2017

    Congratz you guys probably did better than me
  3. Tdog

    Happy Birthday Bolp!

    Happy Birthday Bolp Have a AWESOME DAY!!! @bolp
  4. Tdog

    GIT aplication

    IGN Tdog Age: 16 TeamSpeak: Tdog Hello everyone my name is Tdog1102. I have been on this server for a long time I really love this server. I want to be guardian one, to help people with griefs cause I'm active so incase no one else is on I'm on to help two, I want to help keep the server good and running and I have a lot of friends. I am responsible and mature but sometimes I tend to get out of hand.I Live in connecticut which is in the united states.I love science and math and they are my two strongest subjects. I am Greek. I have TeamSpeak, Skype and discord. I Was very active but then I didn’t play for a while but now im getting back into it. I know quite a bit of plugins like mcbans logblock and the simple ones like that. I am also have access to forums.
  5. Tdog

    DiamondShaft Prison Server

    why is the prisin server down? Please dont fix the the slot machines PLEASE They give me free money! seriously
  6. Tdog

    i hate school

    We all hate school especially me i get loaded with homework but i start in 1 week and a couple days aka the 31
  7. Tdog

    New GITs for July!

    congrats everyone
  8. Tdog

    Report a Player - Kenzal (Rejected)

    yeah I agree
  9. Tdog

    Report a Grief (Accepted)

    @Rocky sorry i was in a hurry cause we had to leave. The cordinates are 559.801 70.00000 -5633.699
  10. Tdog

    Report a Grief (Accepted)

    Please someone help me!
  11. Tdog

    Racing Rivals

    Does anyone in diamondshaft play racing rivals and has a good account they dont want anymore or give for free or are willing to trade good cars cause i just got hacked and lost a bunch of my cars but i still have some good ones(about 1-3).
  12. Tdog

    Praying for Turkey

    well im talking about the ones that just do it for the pleasure and aren't forced or anything then there just being a bitch.
  13. Tdog

    Praying for Turkey

    Terrorist are stupid sons of bitches
  14. Tdog

    Sever crashed, again.....