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  1. It is too much of a hassle to try and find the proof, since its been so long, so I will unban you. If you still have trouble connecting, contact a Moderator or Admin.
  2. I will unban you. If you want to go into a spawn town house, try to find the door next time.
  3. I will unban you.
  4. hi hey hello hola bonjour sup heyo henlo wassup :)))) 

  5. I'll help you out Queen, @ me on discord or pm me when you're on or give me the coordinates to get to your place.
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      We shall make a club called Shooketh club and everyone in it will try to take over the world!1!!1!! 

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      oh yeh thas awsum such shooketh such wow such sorry for dead meme

  7. In Game Name: StarzInDarkness Age: 14 (Soon to be 15) Discord: Starz#8904 Hello everybody! I've considered applying for staff in the past but unfortunately I was too young. So now that I've grown up and matured some more, I've decided to apply for the GIT position on DiamondShaft. Being (possibly) staff would allow me to help others on the server since it's in my nature to help others in need. Instead of always relying on staff for things myself it would be much easier if I could also get the job done myself instead of having to ask an Admin, Moderator or Guardian to take a small amount of time out of their day to help me (if I needed it) fix and/or clear something up with another player. Another reason why being possibly staff would be a new, interesting experience for me and to be able to more or less help out behind the scenes of the server. In e.g helping to plan out the extra things that go on in the server. I have befriended a few of the staff members over time and gotten to know them on a somewhat more personal level and one of said friends was eager for me to make this application so after a few minutes of being convinced it led me to write what you're reading right now. Now for a bit about myself; My name is Angelica and I live in a southern city in Ontario, Canada. I'm a nice and shy person but I'm able to have authority when needed. I'm a pretty creative person in both building and designing, well at least in my opinion, and I have an interest in plants, nature and cooking. Unfortunately I do have some confidence issues when it comes to new things like this but by seeking help when I don't understand something in training I'm sure I can gain some confidence in that task. I don't know much about LogBlock but with the help of youtube and other staff I'm hoping I'll learn enough so I can be useful. If any of you need to tell me anything, you can find me in the DiamondShaft Discord as I usually talk a bit in it. Lastly, I'm also a part of the Build Team so I know how to use the basics and a few more commands of World Edit. Thank you for taking time out of your day to read my application. And I hope I can be a part of this amazing staff team! ~StarzInDarkness
  8. I forgot forums existed. yoyoyoyoyooooooool

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  10. Username: StarzInDarkness Hey! I'm writing this because I really want to join the Build Team! I think it'd be really fun to build with other great builders on the server. I wouldn't call myself the most amazing builder ever but I'm confident in my builds because I'm very creative and I usually just do random builds then add on to them to make them interesting. Im very good at details for certain styles of builds for e.g I'm best at modern and modern aspects like interior and exterior, thats what I'm strongest at. The only build style I'm terrible at it Medieval and all related to that, besides, it has never interested me. I have experience with World Edit but the last time I've used it was maybe a year ago so I may not remember much and I've just found out about World Guard yesterday while reading the application post so I can't say I know how to use it. Sorry. Before I show you my 5 builds, just letting you know I don't use any texture packs or anything, I prefer default Minecraft because it fits better with my detailing and builds in general. Note: All my models are sort of small because they are just models, I could easily make them larger. (I promise I didn't build any of these houses off of youtube, I did them all myself and with how I see these styles are built in my head) 1. Modern Style 2. Suburban Style (Sorry it looks small) 3. Sandstone Villa 4. Haunted/Abandoned Style 5. Small Cabin/Cottage Style Thank you for checking out my application and I hope I'm good enough for the team! ~Starz
  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NEILLLLLLLL @NeilPlayz There's A Cat Licking Your Birthday Cake - YouTube ^ Watch that kekeke :3 -Cakeeeeeee
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