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  1. Frynox

    Summer Event!

    I thought you could do better then that to be honest but what do I know ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. I didn't. just wanted to let you know I'm not nice.
  3. I was born from the gaping ass hole of the devil himself why did you think I would turn out nice.
  4. I think no one asked you fucking pleb.
  5. Happy birthday!

    *insert cake here*

  6. @CamoVampy don't have the time or lust so please my boi
  7. it's a tempban just wait it out
  8. we all came from nothing and we will all become nothing. deal with it the meaning of life is your advantures and fun stuff you did. if those things haven't happened to you MAKE THEM HAPPEN BITCH! happy hugs and gau kisses from your fella as Snopp Dogg. Don't like this post you idiots I'm a trash can collecting your trash likes for my collection of trash.
  9. congrats I guess. here is something funny.
  10. Don't use ifunny

    1. Nole


      Honestly, krojr may say a lot of mean things but he means well but he gets pissed off easily and thats why he is saying that




    2. Zippr1
    3. Frynox
  11. Frynox


    hi it's me the douche, just wanted to become staff again. don't bother with me if you don't want to have a nice day, maybe.
  12. Happy birthday Neil, here is one of my very good memes
  13. Frynox

    New Survival Map

    he's not on the server only on the forum that's why
  14. I don't know who Carrie Fisher is but I hope she/he had a great life. (alot of hate will come out of this comment I think)
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