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  1. Goodbye Derk, I'll miss you
  2. Happy Birthday!~ <3

  3. Goodbye Dayz I hope to see you around the server some time!
  4. Hey Tav how do u change the background pic the big 1 like ur wolves

    1. Tavali


      I dont remember lol if I            remember I will tell you:)

    2. TJHawkster
  5. Hi, Do you know who got staff yet?

    1. Tavali


      No not yet pretty sure Camo will get it not sure who the other three will be.

    2. DayFlowsToNight
  6. Tavali

    Snape Is Dead

    You mean the Snape from Harry Potter?
  7. Loved the first book cant wait to see the second, hope its just as good or better!
  8. Tavali


    If there is a coupon code it should pop up from time to time in game, I don't think there is a coupon out right now if u want a rank on sale I would wait or buy it full price.
  9. I won't be on the server till Wendesday at the closest... I miss it already lol ill be on minechat though can't wait to see ya guys again, hope ya have fun. Try not to break the place xD

  10. Lol nice Hope to see you on soon
  11. Tavali


    Username: Tavali Reason: Giving out kit Armour after warnings Server: Survival Hi this is my second bann apeal so Im not really expecting to get unbanned... I have played on this server since this Summer I loved the server I still do today, I logged in to fined I was Banned by hane2014 for giving out kit armour after warnings. I will admit I did give some to a good friend of mine but I for one did not know i was not aloud to. I am new to Diamond Rank it took me awhile to get the money for it i really enjoy it but the ban said i have been warned about giving the armour out. For what I can recall I was never warned about it so I am confused. I am sorry I gave my friend the armour and i wont do it again now that it know its not aloud. Again I don't really expect to get unbanned again but I just made this to ask how I was warned for it and if you would unbann me.... Thx for reading Tavali
  12. Tavali

    Ban Apeal

    Username: Tavali Reason: Griefing/Stealing Hi I have played on Diamond Shaft for about 3-4 months now I know the servers rules pretty well. My friend DayFlowsToNight got banned so I [Privated] his chests because i was worried that people would steal from them. On Friday he got unbanned so the next day I logged on to unprivate his chests to find that I was banned by bolp. I know I should have left the chests or if they were in the way asked an Admin, I will never do it again and I really miss the server and I would love to see my friends again. Thank you for your time: Tavali
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