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  1. Hey everyone Thanks for the all the nice birthday wishes. It means more than you guys might think. I know that i haven't been to active on the server lately. But if you wanna have a talk with me I'm usually on TS. You guys rock!! Regards Christian.
  2. remember that you dont have to order them to your house you can just have them deliver it to Atron then he can send back the assembled PC. also Atron reinforce the GPU for shipping cus they are pretty rough with handeling packeges.
  3. or just send it to Linus kid then he will put it together for you
  4. i Know, I live in an even smaller country... but you should consider Atrons offering, even with the shipping locally in the UK i think i would still be cheaper. and i dont think that you would fail at building it, its actually pretty easy.
  5. Hi PossessedplayzMC, You should really consider to building/assembleling it yourself, you will get much more for the same amount of money. u can learn how to build a pc via these youtube channels: LinusTechTips, Jayztwocents, pouls hardware and awesomesauce network. and when you can build it yourself you will also be able to upgrade part later on. also take a look at this:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3F5CGqqA_I he builds a cheaper but better PC, compared to the stock ones you can buy at tesco. But if your mind is set in stone about building it yourself, the PC's that you link t
  6. It dosen't change the fact that this is not an appeal that follow the template, and yes she was tbanned as the day it happened was the last day that tban still functioned. Furtuer more we have two staff before you who told her to follow the template, and even if the first tban for spamming by joining and quitting wasn't on purpose from her side she should just had made an appeal right away or waited the 10 long minutes to pass, instead of switching IP and rejoining. The tban was set for 10min, she was back 5 mins later, and said "shhh" to MinecraftG33k telling him to be quiet about it. That is
  7. Why would you unban her, she was told to "follow the template" and she did not yet so she should not be unbanned yet. You should know such things, and it dosen't seem like you know anything about what got her banned in the first place, since you are willing to unban a ban avoiding member. I'm banning her until she can be honest and do a prober ban appeal. Regards ChristianMineMan.
  8. I'm sure there is evidence that supports Totie's claim of you having greifed, otherwise you would not have been banned for it. Online or not, the things you took are still missing when you go offline. I cant really tell if you are amidding that you greifed or if you are telling us that we made a mistake, because you weren't online when you were banned?.
  9. I think its the other way around, we have been stock here at 1.8.X for a good amount of time now. Change and a reset is welcome in opinion
  10. Hi Natsu Yes at some point in the near future it will restart, though a date has not been set in stone yet. But when the time arrives everyone will be notified in advance. Regards Christian.
  11. Maybe its a good time for you to learn how to solder, it can easily be fixed if you know how. Not that it changes what punishment it should receive :p. give it a little swing around in its tail :). and if you dont fix the headset and/or charger, then you could make a whip from the cords to be ready for the next punishment :D.
  12. ------------------------------------------------------------------------Template-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Username: Ice_KingServer: SurvivalReason: Griefing LB ProofHello, I have been playing on Diamond Shaft now for two months. I first found it while watching a YouTube video of the server. I am fairly familiar with the rules however I noticed that a player had built a home right next to my home and I wanted to take a look in his house. His doors were locked so I had to break into it to get a peek. Whenever I g
  13. Please follow the ban appeal template.
  14. JKS25 asked me: "I am just curios of the proof u have i just want to know what kinnd of proof, :} The person u banned JKS25" Tho he cant make a ban appeal that follows the template. Here is your proof, and PLEASE follow the ban template. Regards Christian.

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We are DiamondShaft, a medium-sized Minecraft survival server that has been around for over six years and aims to achieve a simple, community survival experience.

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