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  1. Ratchet29

    MADOS space program

    So space is 200+ blocks, so accurate. Einste-- No , Steven Hawking would be proud.
  2. Ratchet29

    MADOS space program

    How are you getting to space in Minecraft, Please indulge me.
  3. Ratchet29

    Reporting - Unknown (Rejected)

    The person in question is mainly 3_echo and I see 5_fives a lot, Do not know who crogamer is however if you need more snapshots, I have more in my .mc folder
  4. Backstory, he was being egotistical and then demo and I started to piss him off by pvping him, he said he had to leave and I said that's because he is mad about the losing then this happened
  5. Ratchet29

    Looking For Base Members!

    Well we need a flat screen, a stripper pole and some lazy boys first Your weird..DENIED
  6. Ratchet29

    Caps/spam (Accepted)

    I was just posting this because they were acting so immature, when I posted this they stopped acting immature. I didn't really care about the punishment. I knew this wouldn't go far.
  7. Ratchet29

    Caps/spam (Accepted)

    Person of Interest: Lightstar_gaming / 5amue1 Reason: Caps, spam Date: 2017/05/13 Description: So I was talking to Light about renovating his homes, he said he needed me to build him a house, I then said can I buy the house renovate then sell it back to you he said you can't sell it back :3 but sure or something like that, I cant remember the exact quote. So I bought it for $100 after receiving 75 from Mudkip then I altered the basement they had a freak-out and tried to kick me out, I didn't leave until I got my $100, then they continuously used caps and proceeded to say I didn't read the town rules even though I wasn't informed of the town rules when I purchased the property. They also said I owe Mudkip 75.00 then I referred to mudkip as a "he" they got mad since I assumed mudkips gender, I then asked what gender they thought I was, they assumed male, and I proved my point being that they also guessed my gender lol. They got triggered and spammed caps. The screenies won't send, so I snipped them.
  8. Ratchet29

    What was the first game you ever played?

    Mario kart 8 deluxe Jk, it was this golden eye 007 for the ps2, I played co op a lot with my older brother.
  9. Ratchet29

    Skyrim Special Edition

    First off, be careful the staff don't get salty over you bumping a topic lol, next off dagger trick is patched and grelod the kind is a one hit kill (I put poison in her pocket then stabbed her if any questions) I don't know about sneak yet however I will try with conjurtation, thanks.
  10. Ratchet29


  11. Ratchet29


    By that do you mean racist or sexual/both I could put some random racist shit up and get in trouble or I could be okay (Even though I may not others may)
  12. Ratchet29


    So nothing sexual or nothing racist at all?
  13. Ratchet29

    Skyrim Special Edition

    Thanks all for helping, @Possessed You need more on topic replies
  14. Ratchet29

    Happy Birthday Bolp!

    Happy birthday honey, I remember when you were just knee lengths high, my have you grown.
  15. Ratchet29

    Skyrim Special Edition

    So I can't be myself?