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  1. MADOS space program

    So space is 200+ blocks, so accurate. Einste-- No , Steven Hawking would be proud.
  2. MADOS space program

    How are you getting to space in Minecraft, Please indulge me.
  3. Reporting - Unknown (Rejected)

    The person in question is mainly 3_echo and I see 5_fives a lot, Do not know who crogamer is however if you need more snapshots, I have more in my .mc folder
  4. Backstory, he was being egotistical and then demo and I started to piss him off by pvping him, he said he had to leave and I said that's because he is mad about the losing then this happened
  5. Looking For Base Members!

    Well we need a flat screen, a stripper pole and some lazy boys first Your weird..DENIED
  6. Caps/spam (Accepted)

    Person of Interest: Lightstar_gaming / 5amue1 Reason: Caps, spam Date: 2017/05/13 Description: So I was talking to Light about renovating his homes, he said he needed me to build him a house, I then said can I buy the house renovate then sell it back to you he said you can't sell it back :3 but sure or something like that, I cant remember the exact quote. So I bought it for $100 after receiving 75 from Mudkip then I altered the basement they had a freak-out and tried to kick me out, I didn't leave until I got my $100, then they continuously used caps and proceeded to say I didn't read the town rules even though I wasn't informed of the town rules when I purchased the property. They also said I owe Mudkip 75.00 then I referred to mudkip as a "he" they got mad since I assumed mudkips gender, I then asked what gender they thought I was, they assumed male, and I proved my point being that they also guessed my gender lol. They got triggered and spammed caps. The screenies won't send, so I snipped them.
  7. Caps/spam (Accepted)

    I was just posting this because they were acting so immature, when I posted this they stopped acting immature. I didn't really care about the punishment. I knew this wouldn't go far.
  8. What was the first game you ever played?

    Mario kart 8 deluxe Jk, it was this golden eye 007 for the ps2, I played co op a lot with my older brother.
  9. Skyrim Special Edition

    So I just got Skyrim Special Edition and I am not new to Bethesda e.g fallout however I am to skyrim, any tips for a newb"?
  10. Skyrim Special Edition

    First off, be careful the staff don't get salty over you bumping a topic lol, next off dagger trick is patched and grelod the kind is a one hit kill (I put poison in her pocket then stabbed her if any questions) I don't know about sneak yet however I will try with conjurtation, thanks.
  11. Randomness

  12. Randomness

    By that do you mean racist or sexual/both I could put some random racist shit up and get in trouble or I could be okay (Even though I may not others may)
  13. Randomness

    So nothing sexual or nothing racist at all?
  14. Skyrim Special Edition

    Thanks all for helping, @Possessed You need more on topic replies
  15. Happy Birthday Bolp!

    Happy birthday honey, I remember when you were just knee lengths high, my have you grown.
  16. Skyrim Special Edition

    So I can't be myself?
  17. Look what I made!

    The my name is jeff part was so funny, I forgot how funny stuff like that could be Ecks dee ecks dee ecks dee , lmow
  18. Skyrim Special Edition

    HAHAHAHA that was so funny I forgot to laugh, I kept talking to the guard and heard this other joke about a sword, then I heard the arrow. How so? Like any targets or any exploits to get the spells high in levels?
  19. Skyrim Special Edition

    Um, 4GB of ram? Nah I'm good lol. I got ps4 edition.
  20. Staff Interviews - March 12th

    Question: What if I have been inactive for an extremely long time I think it was like 6 months due to I reset my laptop since I got a bunch of malware and Trojan etc and was too lazy to re-download Minecraft. If I were to apply would I have a chance as long as it is lengthy I do all the rules or will I have no chance since I have been inactive?
  21. Lost Horse

    Wow, very interesting topic. I hope I didn't lose my horse again. I suggest talking to a staff member since they can probably let you know or something, I once got on a horse and it told me who it belonged to when I pressed e, may have changed.
  22. Hacked

    All my shit is being screwed up, Sending messages on skype, Sending Psn messages and it wont let me log on, stuff with xbox not working, getting all these spam emails, P**nhub confirmation emails etc. Can anyone help? All I did was play a couple of online psn games and replied to a message. I got the Skype under control however I don't know what to do.
  23. Who's got PSN? [PS4]

    Keepin it safe, MY MAN. Now whats your PSN?
  24. Who's got PSN? [PS4]

    *Two people make Psn topic posts* IT'S THE SECOND COMING, THE GREAT PUMPKIN THE END IS NEAR!
  25. PS3

    Due to I don't want to pay 60.00 a year for ps plus since I am poor, anyone want to play PS3? PSN: Ratchet2929