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  1. Mr.Pig

    Money Notes

    Hehe! No it's a survival server. Just /trade and money. It's fine the way it is. Just /Tpa for trade everytime is time consuming.
  2. Mr.Pig

    Money Notes

    Non possible to put in anvil? Or when you put it in you can change name but not value pics ->
  3. Mr.Pig

    Money Notes

    Would it be possible to add money notes. Paper = money note( when you command /withdraw ) also a /ah to sell to the world would be great so we don't have to /tpa everytime we are selling something reason for money note: im starting a group and when people are offline I would like to put the note in their chest for when they return. Also feels like money cause /bal feels like a bank account. Have a good day thx for reading.
  4. I would have liked this but I was limit 10 a day lol. Nice job! I tried and couldn't hit the quad jump.
  5. Great picture! He has impressive building skillz.
  6. You need free diamond? Sure. /tpa mrpig anyday!
  7. I was too late! I brought party treats though!
  8. [Buy 1 Get 0 Free!!] Hey guys I'm Mr.Pig just call me Pig I have been on this server 2 days and been through a lot. I'm a master builder and I have /Gmc . I am willing to build master houses for anyone with a town or without. I have a underground city in the works also if anyone wants to move in. I also have Items for free just ask( esp; iron, food, blocks) . I'm nice and really cool but I lack friends . Anyways. I'm on between 2pm - 10pm (Eastern Time. Sidenote: be nice! (changing my username to tomorrow to = ChillyWilly )
  9. 100+ story was my favorite part! I can't wait to see what your team brings to the server!
  10. I like turtles and minecraft, what's not to like about me.
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