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  1. What was the name of your old account so we can transfer the rank.
  2. I'll go ahead and unban you.
  3. You should be unbanned now.
  4. I got banned a couple of years ago, 1.10 I believe, and was wondering to have my bann appealed. 

    And also, being a veteran to the server, I have tried to become a moderator or administrator. I remember becoming a trainee, til being banned from the other player, in which I forgot why.

    I was banned by camowisp, somewhere in 2017.

    hope you understand soon, Triosoft

    (edit) I just check why i was banned, and it was from giving ranked items, and i remember a particularly annoying person who did everything to get me banned. 

  5. I'll go ahead and unban you since that staff member is no longer apart of the team.
  6. I'll go ahead and unban you, since you banned some years ago. The version that the server is running on is 1.13.2.
  7. @JVega Gamer0521 Please don't bump older topics that haven't been used in a week or more, or you will receive more warning points.
  8. can I plz have the apple link 


  9. I thought GalactiCraft wasn't updated for 1.12 yet. Decided to look at the their forums and it doesn't have a 1.12 version only 1.11.2. Here is the link so you can understand what I'm seeing. https://forum.micdoodle8.com/index.php?threads/status-of-the-mod-when-will-a-new-feature-or-the-next-update-be-released.3753/ EDIT: Looking at the other options, all three of them have there own problems. I'll go over each of there problems. Factions has been on the server before and it eventually became how Prison/Survival+ are atm, bringing it back would only show why players don't much care for it. Galacticraft/Tekkit/Modded I know I'm grouping a few things here but they're all in the same category "mods". I feel only a select few players will ever play on a modded server made by DS, since the average player has the computer of a dying toaster. Diamondshaft has actually had a modded server as well, but it was eventually shut down since only 7 players played on it, the majority of those players were staff members. In conclusion, I feel a lot of the issues on why a server tends to lose activeness and never increase in player base is because DS doesn't have a hub. Adding a hub could draw players into those other servers but could also drive them away from survival, and tbh its really up to Anthrax on whether or not he wants to add a hub allowing more players to see the other servers that are on Diamondshaft. At the moment there is a message that scrolls through chat stating about DS having other servers, but players most likely ignore chat majority of the time, which is why you don't see more activeness on those other servers.
  10. Strange, where have I seen this reason before..... it feels like I know it somehow...... maybe I'm just imagining that you *cough* copied *cough* something and didn't create your own reason as to why you were banned. Also Just replacing a few parts here and there doesn't make it your reason, and also still means it's copying since I can notice right away where this reason came from. Appeal Denied, please make one that doesn't copy the example reason. P.S: Your forgot to change the date :P.
  11. I can just imagine him every time someone says those names he starts to freak out and then immediately goes to a corner of his house to cuddle his computer and says "You'll be ok, the attacks will stop soon (while shaking back and forth)."
  12. The border will eventually end at 50k blocks total, but for the location of that place it may be still unavailable even after the border expands some more.
  13. You should be a Diamond rank now, if you aren't just msg me.
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