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  1. I got banned

    I'lll unban you if you stop making jokes you found from 9gag
  2. SuRe

    crafteez being 19 is like saying an old whore is really tight
  3. Event Plaza Unveiling

    that timezone chart is as disorganized as porn with no plot
  4. Build Team

    ohhhhh i see clad finally accepted me jk love you claddy
  5. Spiderman Homecoming review/summary (SPOILERS)

    To put it in short, this is probably one of the best Live-Action Anime adaptations.
  6. Build Team

    this faggot wont let me into the team
  7. Hello, you may know me as "AutisticVampy" or by my real name, Justin. I would like to apply for the Build Team. I am a decent interior, and exterior builder. I have experience with the basics of WorldEdit, and some complexities of it as well. I know very little of WorldGuard, but I know it's purpose, and what it does. I am currently a Camerman on your server. Texture Pack: http://bit.ly/2n7AI5Q Shaders: https://goo.gl/gSGn6A Here are some of my builds: #1 Theme: River House. #2 Theme: Castle. #3 Theme: Mansion (WIP) #4: Theme: Tree House. #5 Snow Cottage.
  8. autism club betr

    read title
  9. So long Bikini Bottom, it's sad to see you go.

    It's Raining Men! Hallelujah!
  10. Club idea//!//??/?/!111!

    each slash, exclaimation mark, and question mark represent every individual tumor this topic alone gave me
  11. Bed glitch

    i thought this was known and no one cared
  12. Tf do we do in clubs

    The true purpose of a club, in theory, may seem harmless, but is actually very dark. Clubs have leaders, right? What if these leaders are all conspiring with eachother, as if they are all in some hierachy. People join their clubs, thinking they're just silly minecraft clubs, but the truth is a much darker tale. The point of clubs is to gather as many people as you can to be "cool" or "popular" by tradition, but on DS, I can assure you it is different.. very different. The club leaders are planning to unify the world. They're all in on it, I tell you, they're trying to unite Diamond Shaft in their big scheme! We need to stop it! Resist! You're probably thinking, "Woah, he's crazy." but think about it, please, hear me out, they're all trying to unify us. First, it's multiple clubs, then, it's one big club, then, it's DS, then, it's America, Canada, the UK, and all of the other major countries. Then, it's the EU, then, Asia, then Oceania, (not africa fuck that dark place), but then, soon, the world... The unified world will have peace, but it will not be good. We need freedom of thought, freedom of speech, freedom to mine! Spread this theory to all of your friends! Before all of those top club owners like @KingVampy, @Justin, and others unify us all!
  13. New Build

    wuts greektown