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  1. jtlance

    1.13 Plans, Ideas & Community Opinions

    2b2t = chaos
  2. Finally passed the ham radio technician exam, now i have to wait for the fcc to get everything processed

  3. Looks like those Starlink test satellites are working fine

  4. jtlance

    1.13 Plans, Ideas & Community Opinions

    Jeez man
  5. jtlance

    1.13 Plans, Ideas & Community Opinions

  6. I hate windows updates

  7. It's official, I can't seem to catch any spacex launch livestream because of school

    1. jtlance


      well, that is until one happens during break

  8. jtlance

    Map Download?

    I thought map downloaders were against the rules, or am I mistaken?
  9. jtlance

    Minecraft on a Chromebook Guide?

    Funny how this turned into a debate on whether Minecraft is dead or not
  10. Not how it works, buddy, you have to write one of these: Just fair warning, don't copy and paste other people's appeal and change it up so it looks like you wrote it.
  11. jtlance

    Minecraft on a Chromebook Guide?

    First off, minecraft under linux installed alongside chrome os, second off, I know what I'm talking about, I have a nice build list that I want to build but I can't (besides , I do a LOT of stuff involving linux and related stuff), I've been using debian linux as a daily driver on my chromebook (because my parents will not let me build a frickin' pc), Linux isn't very CPU intensive, 25-50% less cpu usage than most operating systems. And finally, minecraft actually gets ok fps on my system, I just tested with no optifine, it tends to hover around around 40 fps. And, to tell the truth, this guide would be for the average person (with a chromebook) who doesn't give a crap about benchmarking
  12. I really have nothing to do this weekend, so, would anyone appreciate a guide on how to install minecraft on a chromebook under linux?
  13. jtlance

    Coming back Sooner than expected..

    Dude, no offense, but use status updates