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  1. I hate windows updates

  2. It's official, I can't seem to catch any spacex launch livestream because of school

    1. jtlance


      well, that is until one happens during break

  3. Map Download?

    I thought map downloaders were against the rules, or am I mistaken?
  4. Minecraft on a Chromebook Guide?

    Funny how this turned into a debate on whether Minecraft is dead or not
  5. i got banned for no reason please unban me

    Not how it works, buddy, you have to write one of these: Just fair warning, don't copy and paste other people's appeal and change it up so it looks like you wrote it.
  6. Minecraft on a Chromebook Guide?

    First off, minecraft under linux installed alongside chrome os, second off, I know what I'm talking about, I have a nice build list that I want to build but I can't (besides , I do a LOT of stuff involving linux and related stuff), I've been using debian linux as a daily driver on my chromebook (because my parents will not let me build a frickin' pc), Linux isn't very CPU intensive, 25-50% less cpu usage than most operating systems. And finally, minecraft actually gets ok fps on my system, I just tested with no optifine, it tends to hover around around 40 fps. And, to tell the truth, this guide would be for the average person (with a chromebook) who doesn't give a crap about benchmarking
  7. Minecraft on a Chromebook Guide?

    I really have nothing to do this weekend, so, would anyone appreciate a guide on how to install minecraft on a chromebook under linux?
  8. Coming back Sooner than expected..

    Dude, no offense, but use status updates
  9. One Question

    one of the only reasons only one person is on is because people have better things to do than play minecraft. While you wait for people to get on listen to this:
  10. What happened last night on the Las Vegas Strip was a terrible, terrible thing. I send my condolences to anyone affected by the shooting.

    1. jtlance


      If you had a loved one at that concert, call this number:


  11. does anyone know any city generator plugns for unreal engine 4?

  12. Regarding Banning Players (Declined)

    And how does that make this a major issue?
  13. Just doing web design for a senior at school.

    If anyone is looking for a free web hosting platform try: heliohost.org

  14. Regarding Banning Players (Declined)

    It's not a major issue, you're treating it like it's one, besides, its worth mentioning that most of the people who are permanently banned from the server don't appeal a billion times. No apology necessary!
  15. Regarding Banning Players (Declined)

    Ok, I understand This is a ****post in my opinion (not what you just said justin, only the first post)