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  1. Zippr1

    1.13.1 Server Release Date & Changelog

    The old server was too easy, this new server will certainly be a lot more challenging
  2. Zippr1


    You don't have a job
  3. Hey King, i have a question. Do you know if Tango's iron pheonix will work on the server? If yes am i allowed to build it?


    1. Anthrax


      As long as it follows the rules outlined on this page:


  4. Zippr1

    Bug? (Rejected)

    welp, time to die i guess
  5. Zippr1

    Bug? (Rejected)

    Idk what this is but it seem suspicious
  6. Zippr1

    Just wondering...

    Yes you can get viruses from stealing borrowing movies, i'm unsure if they can get into your wifi network or what will happen but use a vpn +antivirus software that isn't norton
  7. Zippr1

    [REPORT] I got griefed (Accepted)

    Thanks kat
  8. Zippr1

    [REPORT] I got griefed (Accepted)

    Username:Zippr1 Server:survival
  9. Zippr1

    God is dead.

    Don't you copy my idea!
  10. Zippr1

    Spiderman Homecoming review/summary (SPOILERS)

    Wow ya learn something new everyday!
  11. Zippr1

    Spiderman Homecoming review/summary (SPOILERS)

    Quick summary He doesn't get the girl
  12. Zippr1

    Spiderman Homecoming review/summary (SPOILERS)

    At this point I should just post the fucking movie itself