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  1. And it still doesn't work... Step 1:Click on link. Step 2:Click on "Accept Invite". Step 3:Glare at the screen since it failed. Step 4:Ask Nath what could cause that.
  2. Question:How much time do I have before the invite expires? Because it still isn't working.
  3. Firstly,aloha. Secondly,it appears that the links provided to join the Discord server are either invalid or have long gone expired,I have no idea if this is an isolated issue or it affects others as well. Thirdly,here's my Discord ID if anyone requires it: NARESH4444#0057
  4. NARESH4444

    Favorite songs

    Choose 10? Not in my lifetime. All the music in my thumbdrive which are divided into folders: Folder 1:Billy Joel-Big Shot -Close To The Borderline -Don't Ask Me Why -Honesty -It's Still Rock And Roll To Me -Movin' Out -My Life -Only The Good Die Young -Sleeping With The Television On -Stiletto -Uptown Girl -You May Be Right -Zanzibar Folder 2:Bon Jovi-Always -Bad Medicine -I'll be There For You -It's My Life -Livin' On A Prayer -Runaway -This Ain't A Love Song -Wanted Dead Or Alive -You Give Love A Bad Name Folder 3:Boney M-Brown Girl In The Ring -Daddy Cool -Hooray! Hooray! It's A Holi-holiday! -Ma Baker -By The Rivers Of Babylon -Rasputin Folder 4:Toto-Africa Aqua-Barbie Girl Raffi & Michael Creber-Bananaphone x 2 Speed Bonnie Tyler-I Need A Hero Caesars-Jerk It Out Cartoons-Witch Doctor O-zone-Dragostea Din Tei Carl Douglas-Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting Guns N' Roses-Sweet Child O' Mine -Welcome To The Jungle Hampton The Hamster-Hamsterdance MC Hammer-U Can't Touch This Murray Head-One Night In Bankok Buckwheat Boyz-Peanut Butter Jelly Time Queen-Another One Bites The Dust -Bicycle Race -We Will Rock You Rammstein-Mein Land -We're All Living In America Rascal Flatts-Life Is A Highway Rick Astley-Never Gonna Give You Up Smosh-Assasins' Creed 4 Rock Anthem Survivor-Eye Of The Tiger David Glen Eisley-Sweet Victory The Derp Song Europe-The Final Countdown Eduard Khil-"I Am Glad, 'Cause I'm Finally Returning Back Home" This Is Sparta! Techno Remix Rucka Rucka Ali-Tonight(We Drive Drunk) Smosh-Ultimate Assassins' Creed 3 Song Folder 5:Mangajin-12 Days Of Halo Christmas Alabama-A Candle In The Window Bobby Helms-Jingle Bell Rock Brenda Lee-Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree Dean Maryin-Let It Snow! Elmo & Pasty-Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer Jose Feliciano-Feliz Navidad Erick Morillo & Mark Quashie-I Like To Move It Arrogant Worms-I Am Cow Jonathan Coulton-RE Your Brains Bing Crosby-It's Beginning To Look Like Christmas Margaret Whiting & Johnny Mercer-Baby It's Cold Outside Nat King Cole-The Christmas Song Twelve Days Of Christmas Hawaiian Style Star Fox-Do A Barrel Roll The Beach Boys-Little Saint Nick Halo 3 Hoedown Kay Starr-The Man With The Bag Wham!-Last Christmas Folder 6:America-A Horse With No Name Billy Idol-White Wedding Boston-Smokin' Creedence Clearwater Revival-Green River David Bowie-Somebody Up There Likes Me Eddie Money-Two Tickets To Paradise Foghat-Slow Ride Grand Funk Railroad-Some Kind Of Wonderful Heart-Barracuda Humble Pie-Get Down To It Joe Cocker-Woman To Woman Kiss-Strutter Lynyrd Skynrd-Free Birds Rod Stewart-Young Turks The Who-Eminence Front Tom Petty-Running Down A Dream Toto-Hold The Line Folder 7:Air Supply-Making Love Out Nothing At All -All Out Of Love Chris De Burgh-Lady In Red Kenny Loggins-Footloose George Michael-I'm Never Gonna Dance Again Irene Cara-What A Feeling Culture Club-Karma Chameleon Modern Talking-Brother Louie -Cheri Cheri Lady -You Can Win If You Want -You're My Heart,You're My Soul 1998 Edition Michael Sembello-Maniac Paul Simon & Steve Garfunkel-El Condor Pasa Bees Gees-Stayin' Alive The Police-Every Breath You Take Paul Simon & Steve Garfunkel-The Sound Of Silence Wham!-Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go FR David-Words Don't Come Easy To Me Folder 8:Captain Sparkles-TNT -Revenge -Fallen Kingdom -Minecraft Style -Take Back The Night Yogcast-Screw The Nether -How Do I Craft This Again? I'll Make Some Cake It's Herobrine Laura Shigihara-Cube Land -From The Ground Up Folder 9:Sabaton-40:1 -Aces In Exile -Ghost Division -Metal Machine -No Bullets Fly -Panzer Battalion -Panzerkampf -Saboteurs -White Death -Wolfpack Folder 10:Tina Charles-Falling In Love In The Summertime -Dr. Love -I'll Go Where Your Music Takes Me -Rendezvous -When You Got Love -It's Time For A Change Of Heart -Amazing Grace -Fallin' In Love With A Boy Like You
  5. Offended or not,it's a free choice to which server the members would play on. A large portion of newer people get forced out do to their own actions,and at some point some of the older people move on out,sometimes without a single word. Taking offence to this would,therefore,be pointless.
  6. The future eh? I sense the horrible implications of YouTubeRed taking affect,causing another massively annoying headache for nearly all YouTubers.
  7. You do know that the glitch can happen to anyone regardless weather they were banned or not. Assuming that it is punishment is completely wrong.
  8. It's also the reason why mentioning that you'll be gone for so and so time for a holiday,no matter for what,is pointless unless you're a staff or something involving your presence is utterly required but you are unavaible.That or you think you might have a chance of never returning back to the internet...forever...
  9. Ah yes,the simple life of a normal member who simply focuses on the matter at hand and not getting a fancy rank.
  10. This is the worst statement I have ever read.Nuking doesn't create a "start a fresh situation".I'm pretty sure that Chernobyl didn't get a freash new start after the reacters melted down,causing decades of un-useable sections of land.Same with Japan when two atomic bombs were dropped on it that didn't cause their surrender.They had to wait for years before the radiation finally fell to well below safe amounts.Nuclear weapons do not solve anything,they leave behind a huge number of problems for all sides involved. To be exact,countries will interfere all they want for a multiple host of reasons,the usual being to fight terrorism,to avenge an attack on their home soil,to gain some sort of profit or benefit,to test out their militarys' capabilities and to prove to others that they are capable of doing stuff. And he's in Malaysia. They might but it will be like the ones before:Pointless and senseless killings of lives that had nothing to do with any of it and retaliations that will speed up their end. And that part was bugging me the most.
  11. With this quote,the bar will have no more patrons as they skip getting drinks whilst they hear the riddle but instead head straight to the pond. And this just sealed this. Unless Pat was asking where the watering hole was...
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