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  1. Tori

    Ban Appeal For "krojr" (Unbanned)

    You have been unbanned.
  2. Tori

    Staff Update - 9/16/2018

    Congratulations ^^
  3. Tori

    obligatory profile view
    you're still a lolicon though tbh
    and i'm working on a plan to steal muffin
    you're welcome

  4. Tori


    Totally didn't take Rocky's old profile picture.
  5. Tori

    GIT's for March 2017

    Oh hey look congratulations
  6. Tori

    Update on Tun election

    Rocky, don't be Rocky. That's not very Rocky. Shall try to be there just because I can. :^) I have been dead for awhile.
  7. Tori

    Happy Birthday DK

    Happy Birthday DK!
  8. Tori

    Krojr's appeal

    Please follow the ban appeal template.
  9. Tori

    My Nation's Election

    shshsh it's okay this is normal for you and honestly i forgot you even got me to agree to this until i saw the post "oh hey i forgot about this" i might miss the day you wanted something anyway so rip
  10. Tori

    My Nation's Election

    I'd vote. 11/10 would recommend. :^) But really you should contact @TEAtime2012 about that. Still would vote, pls run.
  11. Tori

    Unban Appeal - OGamerCris_2003 (Declined)

    Please follow the ban appeal template.
  12. Tori

    Happy bday garb

    Happy Birthday @garbanto!
  13. Tori

    helllo you sTINKY LIZARD



    go eat a fly ugly

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    2. Tori


      yes because i am bored
      and i dont have many friends
      now do me a favor
      and let me borrow rope and bleach
      k bye

    3. Rocky


      ok fine you get a rope but you'd have to steal it from this adorable kitten

    4. Tori