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  1. Well done, guys. Make us proud.
  2. Name: Danny (Damon is my name but I like Danny better) IGN: danny_boi_cola Age: 12 (Turning 13 in October) Discord: Google Drive#0311 Timezone: BST, GMT outside of daylight saving time. Applying for: GIT Greetings. I'm Danny and you've probably heard of me before, either due to the fact you know me as a friend or ally or the fact I play for very long periods of time. Either way, you've seen me online before and probably for a while. I've decided to apply for staff today because I believe I'd be a good addition to the staff team and I have improved as a person and as a staff candidate since the first time I became GIT, where I was immature and impulsive. So, without further ado, let me tell you why I should be selected. Why would you like to be staff? There are many reasons I would like to be staff. The main reason I'd like to join the staff team is so I could look after the server while other members of staff aren't on, since I've been on for expansive amounts of time while other staff weren't on. I think that my ability to cover the server staff-wise during times when other staff aren't online would benefit everybody. What could you add to the staff team? I admit, I wouldn't add too much. However, that's only because current members of the staff team are able to do their jobs just fine. I'm not trying to top them. What I can do, however, is extent the coverage period of the server and be on when other staff aren't as previously mentioned. How long are you typically online for? I've never checked properly but I estimate I spend a few periods of 1-4 hours online each day. Outside of my in-game hours I'm also almost always online on Discord, able to talk or deal with issues. I'm not very active on the forums but that's only because I don't spend much of my time doing dedicated internet browsing any more. I would easily be able to dedicate more time to moderating the forums. Do you have any previous moderation experience? Certainly. Two notable communities I've moderated are the community of a friend of mine, an artist and animator, who ran a Discord server for a while, and the Mine-Imator community, a community with over 15,000 members centred around the Minecraft-themed animation program, Mine-Imator. This experience is valuable and has taught me much about the virtues of moderation, such as being able to make choices maturely and being unbiased about decisions. I've also helped out at charity and community events in real life so I know how to help people properly. How have you improved since the last time you were selected? When I was first selected as GIT, I was immature and I made impulsive choices. I didn't take the task seriously and I was dropped the day everybody else was promoted. Despite this, in training I learned about things other than how to deal with other people and situations, such as how to use LogBlock, how to search chatlogs, how to roll back griefing, moderation actions such as kicks and bans and finally, how to retrieve stolen items. Aside from my previous knowledge making me a good staff candidate, I have also improved a great deal on the things I did wrong, namely my interaction with members. I once remember banning somebody and after they posted their appeal, rather than unbanning them I proceeded to argue with them for an extended period of time. I'm now a lot less volatile and I understand that rather than arguing with somebody for hours, you should do your job and unban them. Since my initial selection I've experienced and dealt with a whole lot in my own life, ranging from undesirable situations to large-scale disasters and accidents. This has added to my ability to successfully deal with problems. Have you ever been banned before? Yes, once. After the server was raided, I went to the server of the raiders and raided their server. This was shortly after my demotion so as well as being impulsive I was also angry. This is something immature that I would never (or not likely, at the very least) repeat. In short, I believe I would be a good member of staff because I am active and able to cover hours that the other staff aren't able to play during. Despite being young, immature and unfit at the time, I took some information from a previous GIT training period meaning I would be able to get going as a GIT a lot faster and learn from my mistakes. I also have actual experience helping people and dealing with issues now which would make me good for dealing with all types of problems. I'm glad you had the patience to read through my application (or at least the conclusion) and I hope you consider me as a member of the staff team. - Danny
  3. I honestly can't be that bothered to come back here that often. I've been really busy lately, especially with school. If you need me then add me on Discord. Type "<@313748991609274368>" to mention me from anywhere and then you'll be able to message me and friend me.

    I'm off, see ya.


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      @Justin tHeN yOu cAn TaLK tO tHE eGgS

      @Drewbug0301 Possibly. It really depends on if I get any free time. Cya.

    3. Drewbug0301


      NOOOOOOOOO!!!! ;( Do u still have that "Family Photo" From 3 Resets ago??


      Send it to me on here! im gunna Print it and hang it up on my Wall <3

    4. DannyBoi
  4. DannyBoi


    Happy birthday, Crafteez. Didn't know you could age several years in a day. Also, I still have my eye on you, stop killing the staff team.
  5. atusm ned 2 b top noch nut jus betr we ned 2 otism
  6. I have a new profile picture, if anyone cares. It was made by someone I know.

  7. omg omogmgomg git red of s it now bezux is bad wnad it ilegl pls now my litle ays hert
  8. Chairmandeir. Blubasaurus. Water turtle.
  9. Couldn't they just slightly change everything until it becomes a "ripoff"?
  10. Status updates exist for a reason. Use them.
  11. Welp, the Pixelmon poll is now completely invalid as Pixelmon has now been shut down.

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      @Drewbug0301 all of pixelmon is shutting down if you google it articles of it comes up and all 

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      I is happy now

      Galacticraft, anyone?

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