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Everything posted by DannyBoi

  1. Well done, guys. Make us proud.
  2. I honestly can't be that bothered to come back here that often. I've been really busy lately, especially with school. If you need me then add me on Discord. Type "<@313748991609274368>" to mention me from anywhere and then you'll be able to message me and friend me.

    I'm off, see ya.


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    2. DannyBoi


      @Justin tHeN yOu cAn TaLK tO tHE eGgS

      @Drewbug0301 Possibly. It really depends on if I get any free time. Cya.

    3. Drewbug0301


      NOOOOOOOOO!!!! ;( Do u still have that "Family Photo" From 3 Resets ago??


      Send it to me on here! im gunna Print it and hang it up on my Wall <3

    4. DannyBoi
  3. DannyBoi


    Happy birthday, Crafteez. Didn't know you could age several years in a day. Also, I still have my eye on you, stop killing the staff team.
  4. atusm ned 2 b top noch nut jus betr we ned 2 otism
  5. I have a new profile picture, if anyone cares. It was made by someone I know.

  6. omg omogmgomg git red of s it now bezux is bad wnad it ilegl pls now my litle ays hert
  7. Chairmandeir. Blubasaurus. Water turtle.
  8. Couldn't they just slightly change everything until it becomes a "ripoff"?
  9. Status updates exist for a reason. Use them.
  10. Welp, the Pixelmon poll is now completely invalid as Pixelmon has now been shut down.

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    2. Kat_1910


      @Drewbug0301 all of pixelmon is shutting down if you google it articles of it comes up and all 

    3. Drewbug0301
    4. Minecrafteez



      I is happy now

      Galacticraft, anyone?

  11. What is this about? What do we all mean by salvaging?
  12. unknown.png

    Y'all should play Cave Story.

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    2. DannyBoi


      I think you do it in profile settings.

    3. Drewbug0301



      How tho .-.

    4. DannyBoi



  13. IGN: danny_boi_cola Age: 11 (But quite mature and hopefully more than last time I applied) Discord: @DannyBoi#0831 Timezone: UK Why am I applying? I am applying due to the fact a reasonable amount of staff have left the team and I believe I could help out on the server. I have a lot of time on my hands so I could be online often and I enjoy helping other people. I have applied a few times before and became a GIT once however I was demoted on the last day. I was quite immature and not the best person in the GIT team so I believe this was for the better, however, I beli
  14. I think King gave someone an Admin prefix as a joke.
  15. Still not as good as good ol' Greektown.
  16. Welp. Goodbye, goodluck and god speed.
  17. So, you make a post farming topic, It gets locked, then you make it again. Smart move.
  18. When I was 7 I got a GBA emulator, got Pokemon Emerald and played until I got stuck before the first gym. lief
  19. This is amazing. At some point, you should make a desktop app sort of version with a GUI or just in CMD. This is great.

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We are DiamondShaft, a medium-sized Minecraft survival server that has been around for over six years and aims to achieve a simple, community survival experience.

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