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  1. I haven't changed the server address since last time I played but for some reason, in the server list, it's marked "Can't resolve hostname". When I try to play it, it says, "Failed to connect to server: unknown host". What's going on? Did the server name change?
  2. I entered the IP "Play.DiamondShaft.Com:25591" but when I try to connect, it reads: "Failed to connect to server. Outdated server! I'm still on 1.14.3." I'm on 1.14.4. Do I just have to wait until they update the server or can I connect today? Thank you for your time!
  3. Not to sound rude but what does that have to do with anything? The creators find a village within the new world, fortify and light it, and it's done. I don't understand where player progress nor previous-world-progress comes into play.
  4. I was wondering if whoever is building this world could possibly ensure safety and preservation for NPC villagers so that their trade offers stay at players' convenience. Also, if this isn't the right place to make this request, please direct me accordingly. I'm an idiot about video games. Thanks!
  5. Seriously, someone please tell me how to get to the new world for 1.11. I have no idea.
  6. Hey y'all, is there a new world for 1.11? What's the address?
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