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  1. IGN: ZalanTheGreat Age:15 Discord: Zalan Hello, My name is Zalan my old account was billybobjr654, and sindiago. I have been playing for over a year now i have made many friends and i just wanted to become part of the staff team and i live in The Country of Georgia . I think i would be great at the staff team.I can be the Trump this server needs i can make this server great again
  2. Username: billybobjr654 Server: Survival Reason: Griefing LB Proof Hi I am billybobjr654 I was playing with friends and some named nitro12121212 start trolling us and stealing so a asked for help and a guardian came over to he then in chat I saw say goodbye to billybobjr654 and bmolord witch is the friend I am aware of the rules now I played for a few days and I didn't break any tools I just asked do Adkins help
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