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e l l a

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e l l a last won the day on April 17 2017

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  1. I'm on ds rn

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. e l l a

      e l l a

      lol I'll think about it are you home? and if so are you on ds?

    3. Lucy


      I'm home, I can get online

    4. e l l a
  2. yoo when do you guys get out for summer break

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. CamoWisp


      May 26th.

    3. e l l a

      e l l a

      I get out may 17th thank god im tired of this prison of a school

    4. Justin


      I get out on my birthday, May 25th.

  3. Heyheyheyhey

    1. Show previous comments  27 more
    2. Lucy


      YOU BETTER RUN KID lmfao.

    3. e l l a

      e l l a

      Peer pressure lmao 😂

    4. Justin


      "Peer Pressure."

  4. Just stopped by to say hi.


    And then bye.

    1. DannyBoi


      Hey Ella, glad to see you can pop by. Goodluck. 

    2. Justin
  5. Dear everyone,

    Let's just say I've lied to you. I've lied to you all. My Skype is fine, even though I am not logged into it. The reason I couldn't talk to you guys is because my parents don't want me talking to people I don't 'know'. I got in massive trouble on August 11th and got all of my electronics taken away. (Phone, tablet, laptop, ECT.) I'm sorry guys. I'm not even suppose to be talking to you all right now. I'm leaving this up for 24 hours then logging out of this account forever. I'm sorry guys. 

    1. DannyBoi


      Woah... not even my parents make me do that and I'm only recently 11... If you ever do get to talk to us again like when grow up you move out please do. Happy travels, goodluck and godspeed.

      - Danny

      When you grow up and move out*

    2. Lucy


      I have no words for this. This is from Justin : "Ella I'm disappointed, why didn't you just tell me, and the rest of our friends the truth, we would of understood! I can't respond because of warning points right now, but I'm depressed, pissed, and just annoyed about this, if you're never coming back, bye, I'll miss you."

      Cya Ella

    3. EMClone


      Sounds like you have the same kind of parents i do :/

      But nethertheless i wish you luck in later life and have a good time. Bye 

  6. merry early Christmas. Dunno if I'll be on before then.

    1. e l l a

      e l l a

      I don't even understand what you just said. 😂

  7. Hey x

    1. Tori



  8. Lord only knows the next time I'll be on so I'll update y'all. 

    So recently school has been disastrous. I'm about to fail history and the stress is just terrible. Thank God I actually have real life friends now. As most of y'all know, i have depression. Thanks to my friends (just Kaity lmao) I've been doing a lot better. I also notified my parents about it. 

    Now back to the good ole happy dayzzz. So yesterday I got the new Google Pixel phone. And I'm also redoing my room over Christmas break! (Which I get off the 20th) so, that's just a update. Miss y'all xxx

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. DannyBoi


      Hope stuff gets better soon. I would place a nice image here but I don't have anything on hand so I'll just pop some random funny things here.

      14799335106031919185838.jpgOh lordy, wrong thing

      570px-Mlss_bros-piggyback.jpg Luigi aboose

      battle draft.png If you figure out that image then you deserve a medal

      IMG_20161206_022828.jpg A 3 game 3ds library, soon to be 4

      IMG_20161116_061903_277.jpeg ERROR

      Hopefully that made you laugh. I got out all I have xD

    3. e l l a

      e l l a

      To Sarah- thank you. I miss u sm and I wish I could talk to you 24/7 like I use to.

      To Danny- wtf 

    4. DannyBoi


      The fleebstones gave it to me.

  9. Happy early Halloween pplz~!

  10. In the hospital rn :(

    1. DannyBoi


      Sorry to hear :|

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