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  1. My brother. Lost his virginty (BOLP KNOWS ABOUT THIS ONLY) soooo Bolp wanna do the favor? This feels very trash
  2. Idk anymore
  3. I am 21% nub take the test at soo 4 advertising it is fun
  5. Ur new right?

    1. ccee633


      Nope! Been playin' since summer!

    2. TJHawkster


      Yeah you are very ew compared t me 

    3. ccee633



  6. Are u knew? Bc I am an elder from like 2013 or 2014 but never got to making a forums account 

  7. Hey everyone It is TJ I know I know I will most likely get declined but I would like to make 1 more appeal most of u people Might Not know me because I am from a while back but I would like to make another ban appeal. So I have Been Thinking That My new years resolution to treat Other people with respect to for 2017 it has been 2 years Now and I have made a lot of new changes in My life and made many new friends I would like to get back on DS and Tell everyone how sorry I am and say Hi to all of The new players who probably do not know me I really miss DS I really do it is my favorite server of all time thank You for reading this sincerely -iiDopeTJ
  8. Lol anthrax haha
  9. He could of made millions
  10. Wowa
  11. NAme:TJandhisnewshoes AKA TJHawkster Ban Alphabacca Ban Like 6 moths ago Hey all The TJ is back Hey y'all it's TJ I would like To say I'm sorry to all of you. Hey Staff Its TJ I would like to be unbanned and stop doing my crap and start helping the server acomplish its goals and be 1 of the best out there which u already are besides hypixel Well back to Buisness. i would like to be unbanned cause I have changed I am no longer a Savage I would like to just have fun this is like the best server out there I really wanna come back please let me back I promise I will do my best please peeps #loveyaDS TJHawkster "Hello Darkness My old friend do not say follow the ban appeal template again"
  12. Ok
  13. Shoul I Quit Ds
  14. Hello Fellow DiamondShafters this is TJ I have 5 questions for you all 1. Most important is my profile pick Cute? 2. Why do u guys hate me 3. For King will u ever make Bolp a Admin 4. Why do u call it Bird it is BURD nubs 5. Will I ever be unbanned TJ and this is not a crap post
  15. Hello Fellow Diamondshafters you know who i am am and I'm back TJ has Returned