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    Err, I enjoy doing physics/math and IT related stuff, martial arts and freerunning, I also like Korean stuff/culture/language which I'm currently learning. In addition to those, I enjoy brain twisting stuff like mysteries/detective work, and stuff like rubix cubes. But out of these nothing beats memes.

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  1. Regarding The Logo

    He means the diamond item
  2. Regarding The Logo

    Although your designs are nice, I don't think they hold the feeling of diamondshaft as the current one does, the current one is fun and loose, but this one seems hard and it just makes it seem less fun. Good work though ~Rain
  3. I'm sorry (Unbanned)

    Please don't post replies on Ban appeals, if you aren't staff also @CamoWisp ~Rain
  4. ded

    this place is ded af
  5. My ban appli (Declined)

    Please follow the ban appeal template that can be found here Also please edit your original post instead of posting more ban appeals Please lock topic Best of luck, ~Rain
  6. Plugins/Ideas for the future.

    Well they bought the plugin so that would be unnecessary, but good suggestion none the less ~Rain
  7. Ban Re-appeal (Declined)

    If you know it hasn't been a month yet, don't bother appealing it will just cause us to be annoyed and you to wait longer, so please be patient until the month is over. Please lock thread Kind Regards, ~Rain
  8. Shulker Box Glitch

    Also tested it out with me, I lost alot of items as well, shulker boxes seem to have problems with their NBT Tags
  9. sly assassin's ban apele #5

    why r u putting a smiley tongue face after someone roasted u nib Also wot its called a prank, is just prank bru
  10. [Admin] Ivysaur2 Retiring

    Lmao wot, he's not actually admin
  11. Charizard24 aka Sly_Assasin's ban appeal

    Please follow the ban appeal template so we can have more information about the ban
  12. Looking for unban.

  13. Future Events

    Lmao I'll ask if i need anything
  14. Redneck Diamondshaft wedding

    Only the purest and best Sweeeeet Alabama wedding
  15. Future Events

    Hey my dudes, it's Wicked here I've been noticing and I'm sure many of you have noticed as well, that we haven't had any events recently. And as part of the Event Team, I would like to ask you peeps a question of your preference of the next event, I have many ideas in mind, but they will take long so bare with me, I have put in the ones that will take the least time and most enjoyable. Please choose wisely because your choice will affect the next events being, whether it's a minigame or whether it even happens, we will take these choices into heavy consideration, and me and the team will be working on the next events, thank you for being on our server, and see ya later dudes ~Wicked EDIT: The event that has been chosen is the Build Event, I have been working on it, and it is close to being ready, we will be looking forward to hosting this event!