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    Err, I enjoy doing physics/math and IT related stuff, martial arts and freerunning, I also like Korean stuff/culture/language which I'm currently learning. In addition to those, I enjoy brain twisting stuff like mysteries/detective work, and stuff like rubix cubes. But out of these nothing beats memes.

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  1. WickedRainG

    Ban Appeal (Unbanned)

    Yo nib, wasn't "Uncalled for", as the pranks between you guys never included griefing, so although it was annoying we didn't ban you. But even though it was minor, breaking some blocks and placing water without permission counts as griefing. Also probably isn't tempban since it would tell you when the tempban ends. ~Rain
  2. WickedRainG

    I've been griefed (Accepted)

    Thank you for reporting this, I have dealt with the problem. ~Rain
  3. WickedRainG


    I went to your base and found the person who griefed it, I fixed it, but I'm not sure who lived there in the first place, I found that GracieTodd, sjszero01, ChanceQ, ronimu, ToddGracie were all at your house (ronimu was banned) if you find anything at your base that hasn't been fixed you should tell me. ~Rain
  4. WickedRainG

    I'm Back

    beep beep
  5. WickedRainG

    xXblupandaXx ban appeal (Unbanned)

    As the Bustounnuez (Previously: GodsOfBoss) is no longer staff I will unban you on his behalf, but you should keep in mind that you are held accountable for anything done on your account. Looking forward to seeing you on the server! ~Rain
  6. WickedRainG

    1.13 keepInventory/mobGriefing Poll

    nob, no
  7. WickedRainG

    1.13 keepInventory/mobGriefing Poll

    Doesn't really work like that, although it will only be enabled in certain areas
  8. WickedRainG

    1.13 Plans, Ideas & Community Opinions

    Well I had a suggestion for this, basically for the duping it is a possible problem with a simple fix, we can just go to the thiefs base or open their inv (Which won't work all the time but is a solution), as for keeping track, there is a plugin that simplifies those things which we already had for a time
  9. WickedRainG

    Jeffy_SML aka Sly_Assasin's ban appeal (Unbanned)

    Well since it's been such a long time since your ban, and also that Xxcixme is no longer on the staff team. I will unban you. Hope to see you on the server! ~Rain
  10. WickedRainG

    Diamond Shaft pixel art

    O nice
  11. WickedRainG

    Cave house

    First picture is pitch black lmao so we cant tell what it looked like before
  12. WickedRainG

    Ban appeal (Unbanned)

  13. umm...

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    2. WickedRainG


      Well the thing is at that time I didn't unban you yet because MCBans had an outage so I couldn't unban you, but I guess since their database was down it allowed you to enter without a second thought. Anyways I unbanned you yesterday

    3. Dragoenix


      Thing is... I got banned for Griefing LB Proof again but I didn't even grief, I was just farming some snow at someones base in the mountains while it was snowing so the snow would've come back...

    4. WickedRainG


      Bruh just explained what happened, you didn't get banned again, you weren't unbanned in the first place.

  14. WickedRainG

    Ban Appeal (Unbanned)

    I didn't break my promise, I'm doing my job. I said I will unban you when you make an appeal but I didn't say immediately. Anyways, I hope you read the rules in this short time you were gone because alot of people make the mistake of not reading them and complaining when they get banned. Anyways I will unban you. Don't do it again, and read the rules next time. EDIT: There seems to be a problem with MCBans so you unban will be delayed by a few hours. ~Rain
  15. WickedRainG

    ban appeal (Unbanned)

    In the spawn theres is a hologram right in front of players stating that the rules can be accessed by typing /rules and it was made because the rules book broke. I hope you read the rules that are here: Anyways I will unban you. Don't do it again, and read the rules please EDIT: There seems to be a problem with MCBans so you unban will be delayed by a few hours. ~Rain