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  1. Hi, please refer to the ban appeal template when appealing a ban. Ban Appeal Template - Appeal a Ban - Diamond Shaft ~Rain
  2. WickedRainG


    Hi, can you please send me your coordinates through this forums mail or through discord? ~Rain
  3. Please follow the ban appeal template that can be found here: ~Rain
  4. I can see that you were banned a really long time ago, so I will just go ahead and unban you. Please don't grief again ~Rain
  5. You will be unbanned in exactly one weeks time, please do not argue with staff when told otherwise. Further breach of rules will result in a longer ban and may result in a perma-ban. This topic is closed to further discussions. ~Rain
  6. Please follow the ban appeal template that can be found here: ~Rain
  7. Try connecting with the IP: play.diamondshaft.com:25591 The server has a temporary IP now, so that's the IP for now. ~Rain
  8. Found the town and fixed/banned the guy. Thanks for the report. ~Rain
  9. Please follow the ban appeal template: ~Rain
  10. Unfortunately that will most likely not be done, since the Temporary world has no spawn or anything, we would like to have everything done properly. Maybe another staff member can give a different opinion but I believe that your recommendation cannot be implemented. ~Rain
  11. oH N0!11! Please don't d0x me!!11
  12. Since it was 3 years ago and that person is no longer apart of the staff team, I will go ahead and unban you. Welcome back to the server! ~Rain
  13. Hey MegurokoSylveon, I have banned you on the basis of a report submitted to me from another player, a town she has a base in was griefed, completely, it was due to a multitude of people, here is the evidence I took, I think there was more I forgot to screenshot: Nevertheless, since it's your first ban, I will unban you, please do not break stuff in other people's houses. ~Rain

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We are DiamondShaft, a medium-sized Minecraft survival server that has been around for over six years and aims to achieve a simple, community survival experience.

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