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    I cant connect to the server...

    There could be many reasons. First off, it would be helpful to send a screenshot so we can see exactly what it says. The many reasons could be due to; Bad internet, High latency (High ping), a modding error (Such as optifine or other mods that may be installed), could also be due to an outdated client, etc. However we cannot be sure of the exact reason yet, please attach a screenshot of the message you're getting so we can troubleshoot it more easily. ~Rain
  2. WickedRainG

    Guess who's back. (Unbanned)

    Stop arguing on here. Mott you locked other people's chests without permission, even if it was as a prank, it's been weeks, and I've seen you lock some other players chest other than MagicalFluffy. Anyways I will unban you tomorrow at this same time. ~Rain EDIT: You have been unbanned. ~Rain
  3. WickedRainG

    Banned (Unbanned)

    You weren't banned for no reason, the reason is griefing, @Eddy can probably provide proof, but in any case, @Eddy come here boi ~Rain
  4. WickedRainG


    I will unban you, however if you act like how you did again, I can't guarantee that you will be unbanned again. See you on the server! ~Rain
  5. WickedRainG

    So wtf do now

    So what do?
  6. WickedRainG

    i not happy being band (Unbanned)

    I'm going to unban you, but don't grief again, especially staff base lol ~Rain
  7. WickedRainG

    Merry christmas diamondshaft

    Merry christmas ya little bastards
  8. WickedRainG


    I'll deal with it when I get home, but please start to private your doors and chests. ~Rain
  9. WickedRainG

    New Project

    Thats sexy
  10. WickedRainG

    Griefed (AGAIN AGAIN) (Accepted)

    Starz Fixed it, I guess she forgot to lock the post. ~Rain
  11. WickedRainG

    Threat. (Accepted)

    If it's been solved I'm going to lock this topic, however I will be keeping a close eye on xMiek, thanks for the report. ~Rain
  12. WickedRainG

    Ban Appeal

    Please follow the ban appeal template that can be found here. ~Rain
  13. WickedRainG

    Griefing (Accepted)

    Can you attach coordinates? ~Rain EDIT: I found the base, I have banned lukasmus12 and VictorAxelssoN for griefing Thank you for reporting. ~Rain
  14. WickedRainG

    Ban Appeal (Unbanned) (Unbanned)

    Bolp asked me to unban you since she can't unban you at the moment. It's nice to have you back, enjoy playing on our server again! ~Rain
  15. WickedRainG

    I was banned for legit reasons. (Unbanned)

    You have been unbanned by DK_Knight ~Rain
  16. Well that account isn't banned, what was the account you used to use?
  17. Damn, that's along time ago, I'll go ahead and unban you. So your new username is MikaIsAlive?
  18. WickedRainG

    Horse bug

    Wasn't a bug. But will lock since you got it.
  19. WickedRainG

    Ban Appeal (Unbanned)

    It does state the reason, which is "Not replanting", @Kat_1910
  20. WickedRainG

    KoKo_The_Clod Ban Evidence

    Lol koko you don't need to post ban evidence in here, this is for GITs, but keep the evidence of bans with you for when someone asks for it
  21. WickedRainG

    Ban Appeal

    I will unban you since it's been 3 years. However if you are banned again, you will not be unbanned. Welcome back tho ~Rain
  22. WickedRainG


    The real question is, why are you using Windows XP in 2018 lmao, yea but as drew said, use 1.13.1 , if you still have some connection problems, you can ask in the discord and we can help you out. ~Rain
  23. WickedRainG

    Wither On Top Of Nether

    To my knowledge it isn't against the rules, it was probably spawned in the nether, but then someone tried to fly against it and it just flew through everything. You can keep the netherstar since you guys beat it legit. ~Rain
  24. WickedRainG

    Help! java.IOEException:

    Well though I don't actually know the exact reason behind this error, I know that is it caused by your internet. So try resetting your router, if that doesn't work try using your windows troubleshooter, if that doesn't work, try changing your DNS address to the google or cloudflare addresses. If that doesn't work, rip ~Rain