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    I dont like minecraft. i go here cause its not reddit
  • Birthday 10/18/1866

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  1. Happy birthday?

  2. Kholo


    Do you think that minecraft will turn out like csgo? a gambling place for little kids?
  3. Kholo


    I may or may not have accidentally swallowed one of my lost teeth. I have to get a operation and cant eat anything solid.
  4. yes i was, i was not totaldubscrub, i think i was binerboo or something?
  5. The wortex, where i lost all my armor and enchantments leaving me to kill people with sticks. It worked
  6. Kholo


    The stats of the server says more than 50% of people on here were banned, but most have been appealed. That's weird since it seems so full
  7. Kholo

    Drama alert

    Greatest Picture
  8. That's how many smart people are in my school! Valve pls fix
  9. Kholo

    What is this?

    okay thanks pls no spam
  10. Kholo

    What is this?

    No, i am serious Please respect my family or else i would have an army of 12 year olds in youtube saying they would bang your mum my brothers moved out
  11. Kholo

    What is this?

    I just got onto this game "minecraft" i have a diamond rank? and i also am hated by everyone? what have i done here? i am serious. i wont be here for long
  12. Kholo


    Leaving this server and might be on once a month but i will be gone rekt in pepperoni. I am always on steam so pls
  13. Snor is just wow, that's a good thing. he has really helped the server shape up to optimal condition.
  14. Kholo


    i say it's cancer, but the fanbase is cancer not the game

About Us

We are DiamondShaft, a medium-sized Minecraft survival server that has been around for over six years and aims to achieve a simple, community survival experience.

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