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Everything posted by coty55

  1. Could you re-think removing creative maybe? or even add a rank where all you get is creative.? I know im bad at building but all I want to do is build on the server T_T, Is there a reason you are removing creative??
  2. coty55

    Ban appell

    i was banned for Griffing,i counted it as a troll,i didnt know trolling was not allowed,i placed skulls inn ppl houses,and i didnt know that was griffing,i have playing on this sever for awile and i never knew griffing was allowed,i read the rules in /rules and i didnt know the rules at spawn were diff from the rules in /rules,This is my frist ban appell and i dont use the website very much,i would love to join the sever again,ill make sure to read the rules at spawn,and not troll

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We are DiamondShaft, a medium-sized Minecraft survival server that has been around for over six years and aims to achieve a simple, community survival experience.

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