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  1. hicup plz unban me why did u ban me soz if i dident replant the crops but a luv diamond shaft and i will replant the crops next time plz unban me:(

    1. lapiz


      i got baned and i really like diamond shaft unban me plz anyone:(

    2. DannyBoi


      @lapiz make a ban appeal

  2. Hiccup

    Face reveal

    Is this why you have 80+ posts and 3 likes?
  3. Hiccup


    You people keep responding. Camo, just fucking lock it and leave it for the admins.
  4. Hiccup


    Can someone just lock this thread and leave it for the admins? Obviously I am getting a lot of hate form my old butthurt staff. It is kind of childish. Just lock it and leave the drama elsewhere.
  5. Hiccup


    How is this topic worthless camo.. You are very proud of yourself, I can see. It is almost as if DS has 2 Snors. I have made this topic to warn DS that Cree and his team are able to produce multiple accounts and are not afraid to be banned on some of them. As I can see, you obliviously have no care for players under yourself, and you do not care about what others have to say, and how they try to help. If you do not care to see my topic as a warning, then just don't say anything at all. Leave it for the admins to consider. I say this with deepest regards.
  6. Hiccup


    Gee, lets think about this one. DS has many more people on it 24/7 to tell if a player has been banned. DS Also has more security against hackers. The server I currently run is too small to handle hackers of his sort.
  7. Hiccup


    What the hell @MrProGamer2001... That was kinda a "dick" thing to say...
  8. Hiccup


    Hello people of DiamondShaft. I have noticed that Cree or zBurninq has been playing on your community. I would just like to inform you all on what he is capable of. He has an alt of the name zFaidinq. And I know some of you will say that that is not his alt, but they both have the same IP.(If it is not his alt, they can share info to each other, then they are both able to do it)He is able to unban himself through mcbans and give himself OP. As you can see in the picture, it is his alt cussing at me in a message 54 times. This happen a few days before I received this message from Cree. To sum it up, it is just him writing a poorly spelled message to me telling me how much of a little kid I am and that my server will never be popular. Clearly, the message is not breaking any of the rules, BUT it was written just before my server was hacked and greifed. Good luck with this one. EDIT (G3HPUNKT is with them aswell. Idk if he was on DS, but he also can hack.)
  9. Hiccup

    Last GIT post..

    You are being a kiss-ass due to you putting the screenshots up AND moving them for the whole server to see. "So out of all the things you comment on is that" You are just trying to cause drama. Why? Because you want King to like you more. And what Cup failed to take a screenshot of, (Or you just did not want to post it) is when I told Andrew there is nothing I want more than to have him back as staff. I also apologized to him for not trusting him. Also, I was never notified until I was demoted and I had to make this post. Which btw, was for staff only before you moved it.
  10. Hiccup

    Last GIT post..

    Gotta start somewhere. I'm sure King will assure you that.
  11. Hiccup

    Last GIT post..

    Hello, I would like to say congrats to Andrew on making GIT. Maybe to Eddy as well if he made it. I asked Bolp if she had any idea as to what I have done wrong, and she told me to ask Lucy. Lucy told me it was because I was disrespecting people on my own server. If this was the reason I did not make it to guardian, that is pretty pathetic. My server has nothing to do with DS, and I have never once disrespected anyone on DiamondShaft. This may not be the reason I was demoted, but if it is not, please let me know what I did wrong and what I can do to improve myself next time. Thank you for your time, -Hiccup
  12. Hiccup


    Please read this... I think this is not an appeal for you, but it clearly says "Do NOT make appeals for others"... And you did not even come close to the template if this is an appeal for you.
  13. Who does it say banned you? I'm sure they can provide screenshots.
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