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  1. Greetings! Today I am applying for a staff position. I have been on the server for a several years, and have always tried to come up with different ways to help others. I have always been friendly with everyone, and have built my giant farm to provide for everyone. I have what it takes to become a staff member, as I play on the server on an almost daily basis. I believe that everyone deserves a second chance, and that is what I plan on providing for everyone. Those who grief may have a chance to replace the blocks that they broke, and those who steal may have a chance to return the items that
  2. We all have that 1 thing that we are good at, that 1 special skill that makes us known to the public. We all want to make our server better, bigger, and more popular. I propose that we get the greatest builders, the greatest farmers, the greatest decorators, and build one giant community center. We make it the greatest thing anyone has ever seen. We show the public that our server is great, talented, and friendly. Though most of the time there are not too many people on, people will see that our server is not dead. I would leave to the staff the if, and when questions. Yours truly, DiamondSkul
  3. Greetings! I have been on the server for 4 years, and I am applying for the Staff position. I have always tried to come up with ways to help people, specially those who are new. I am mostly known for my giant farms, that I happily share with others, and I am planning on coming up with other ways to help so that I can help reduce the number of members who grief, steal, and are rude to others. As a staff member, I will always be on the lookout for builds and farms that have been destroyed by others. I will make sure that those who grief and steal get banned. And I will make sure to alert you if
  4. I have been playing on the DS server for quite some time now, and this is the first time ever that I have been banned. According to the message left to me by Camo, I was banned for griefing. I do not recall ever griefing anyone. But I am sorry about it. I am currently working on Brewing group, where several DS members have joined. I would want to continue on this project. As an Emerald rank, I am very aware of the rules, and am a rule-abiding player. I would love to continue playing on the DS server, as it is the only server I play on. I have been on it for such a long time, that I would not c
  5. Please stop asking me about what I said in terms of quitting, I have left that behind me now. 1 of them swore, the other admitted to griefing someone, but didn't say who.
  6. Just caught these 2 new guys admitting to griefing and swearing in public! Judge for yourselves and see if they should get banned for it.
  7. I am applying for the staff position of GIT because I know that I can be a good asset to the staff. On countless occasions I have been on the server by myself, and I have found many griefs, farms that weren't replanted, and there was nothing that I could do about it. I am always ready to help others out. I used my own resources to make sure that others didn't feel like they had nothing to do. I always make massive farms so that I can offer food to those who need food. As a staff member I would make sure that those who steal, don't replant, and are rude to staff and all other members, do not go
  8. Name: (Cookie) CookieMunsta, previously known as (DSK) DiamondSkullKing Age: 31 Discord: DSK I have been on this server for quite some time. It has been a great server, from my experience. I have seen great people come and go, either because they were banned, or because they just decided to quit the server. I have looked, but have not been able to find another server like the DiamondShaft. I will admit I have said some things recently that I am not proud of, and have left the server because of them, but I have come back to fix those things that I have done, and make ame
  9. I guess I have said a lot of things, but what I now will say is true in every way. I have lost my liking for the server. People now can care less about you. Staff has become really strict, mean, and just plain rude. I may be speaking from personal experiences, but many would agree. The server has changed a lot, and not in a good way. It's not the same as it used to be. So I guess my time has come to move on to better things. I know I will never find another server like this one, in the best way possible. But I lost my sense of belonging, like nobody wants me here anymore. I accept that. So it
  10. Maybe because I don't know how to make a video? I have never known how to. Sure, I would like to learn to be able to make my own videos.
  11. Then lets do something to attract more people to our server. Maybe something in the lines of making a video of the server and posting it on YouTube. Any Minecraft player looking for a good server will not be able to miss it.
  12. I have an idea for an event. I call it Castle Wars. Anyone participating will break up into teams. Each team will find a place to build their own base, castle, fortress, etc. Each team will wear color dyed leather armor to know which team/clan they belong to. When all teams have built their desired base, the game will begin. Each team will divided into classes, archers, barbarians (with axes), soldiers (with swords), etc. Every team will explore their own land, looking for other clan bases to attack/destroy. Members of other clans that are caught or captured will either surrender and be taken
  13. Dear fellow members of the DiamondShaft, on Saturday, 04/29/2017, at 12:00pm Est, I will host a cookie drop party. This drop party will consist of only cookies, for you cookie loving people. I hope you all attend this sweet and delicious event. I hope to see you all there! -CookieMunsta
  14. Server IGN: DiamondSkullKing (DSK) Age: 31 HI, I am DiamondSkullKing and I am running for the position of GIT. I have what it takes to become a staff member. I have been on the server for a long time, and I play on the server almost everyday, if not every day. I play for hours, so I am on when most other staff members are not. There have been times when there is no staff members on, and someone needs a staff member's help because they either got griefed, or their house was broken into, and I cannot do anything to be able to help them because though I know the commands, I cannot perf

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We are DiamondShaft, a medium-sized Minecraft survival server that has been around for over six years and aims to achieve a simple, community survival experience.

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