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Everything posted by Dentakill

  1. that is why i typed ''griefing'' with ''.I t wasnt actually grief but he was killing me while i was tellig him to stop.He was doing that for 5 min.He didnt let me build my farms and that was very annoying.plus the fact that he was banned before 3 weeks.He got unbanned with the promise of not doing anything iligal or something that could harm an another player.But he didnt respected that. Also there are a lot of people in the server that would be very happy shiron get banned.As very corrcetly Mrred said he has been a dick to a few people. You are true saying that this is not a rul
  2. Hello staff.I want to report a guy name Shiron1702 for ''griefing''. H e actually was killing me over and over whl i wanted to work on my farms and didnt let me play.He actually got banned like 2-3 week ago because Possesed reported him.So this is his second report and he didnt learn his lesson.Please do something for this kid I also have screenshots
  3. Is it true that if you have 2 parts of your armor ( exam: helmet and boots) with simple protection they will stack .But if you have a 3rd piece ( exam legs) with the same protection will not stack/work and the enchant will be useless .? good luck Mrred
  4. Hello everyone . I want to make a state for Bolp .Bolp is one of the best staff in the server .She helps me soo much when i need help as everyone in the server.She is also very active and very kind with people .My question is why she is not an Admin yet . I think she deserves it a lot.Also she is a long time a Mod and i think she has prooven how good she is .Same thing for Totie.He is one of the best staff in the server and a very friendly person.i Also think he deserves promotion.I dont know if there are any hidden rules .King Anthrax will choose so he probably knows better .Nvertheless th
  5. yea i research it a bit more thnx Jus
  6. yea i know .my post is a test for me to understand the forum.to see how it works.this topic is nothing important
  7. nothing. just a memories photo acctualy i wanted to post it in the generals it was a mistake that it posted in off topics.sorry
  8. in memories of this amazing town that soo many great people helped become what it is.Huge thnx to TotieMc for his idea.Here is a picture with my self of the one and only DemocraCity .we will miss you
  9. Dear Anthrax My player name is Dentakill and i got banned.I want to type a short story and ig you have tiem i would like to read it.So the last time i was in the server i was helping a kid with the name iLive4gaming and his friend ItsEnderZ to build their town.That happened yesterday .Today i tried to log in on your server and it says that my griefed is proved or somthing like that.The only 2 things i can imagine for my ban is a kid wanted help and typed it into the chat.i msg him and ask what happened.he told me that he was griefed by a player with the name Sidal something NOT Sitral beacau

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We are DiamondShaft, a medium-sized Minecraft survival server that has been around for over six years and aims to achieve a simple, community survival experience.

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