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  1. Username: DatGoodBearServer: SurvivalBanned By: IDKDate of Ban: April 5th 2016Reason: Griefing LB Proof I was banned for TNT grief even though out of my 3 months playing on this server I never came in contact with TNT. Also I was trying to build a underground bunker, if that's what you mean by TNT grief I'm innocent. Can you please unban me? I really like this server. ._.
  2. DatGoodBear

    The Rattpack is back

  3. DatGoodBear

    Ban Appeal - DatGoodBear

    I was banned for TNT grief even though out of my 3 months playing on this server I never came in contact with TNT. Also I was trying to build a underground bunker, if that's what you mean by TNT grief I'm innocent. Can you please unban me? ._.
  4. Wildcow has been banned for like 2 months or something like that for literally negotiating with me about some 'rules'. Our conversation was PG there were no curse words or anything like that. Next thing you know Camocowboy bans Wildcow thinking he's solving a problem, he tells me that if I start any drama I'll be banned as well... So I chose not to say anything for like the other 30 minutes I was on the server. You know It's kind of ridiculous that people like TJHawsker get unbanned like 6 times but you won't even give people like Wildcow a second chance to change and the thing is... TJ hasn't really changed still breaking into houses and killing people, not even worth reporting him because he will get unbanned. I'm not saying that just because TJHawsker get's this many unbans that everyone should but that's certainly what It feels like. If you look at Bolps response on Wildcow's Ban Appeal she says that he has caused drama to the community. Please explain this Drama? Wildcow had one of the biggest towns on DiamondShaft or even the biggest town at that time I think. Everyone kept on breaking into the town and killing Wildcow because he denied their request to join his town 'Rattactic'... So ya he swore a lot as this happened to try to get his point across stronger like what everyone does. That's the drama I can only see which was kind of appropriate. So if this is the 'drama' you're talking about? Please reconsider Wildcows ban. Any staff member just gives this guy his 3rd chance.
  5. DatGoodBear

    to aid mods and admins

    Ya, pro gamer didn't do anything i must admit. It's kind of sad on how he's banned when he did absolutely nothing wrong.
  6. DatGoodBear

    to aid mods and admins

    Thanks, I really wanna get back on the server
  7. DatGoodBear

    2nd Appeal

    IGN: DatGoodBear Reason: Disrespect Who banned you? Bolp Bolp im very sorry for the disrespect! I'm sorry for calling TJHawsker a cunt even if he was getting me stressed. I promise if you unban me I will never disrespect anyone EVER again. Please give me one more chance to clean up my act. Besides, you gave ppl like TJHawsker 3 chances even though he is a constant rule breaker. Why can't I at least get one more? This is my favorite server and would like to get back on and play. pls bolp, pls...
  8. DatGoodBear


    IGN: DatGoodBear What were you banned for? Disrespect Who banned you? Bolp Bolp, I'm sorry for disrespecting you? Although i'm not completely sure on what I've done wrong. I literally just made a complaint trying to get TJHawsker banned for harassment. I remember asking you if you think TJHawsker will get perm banned so you came off strong by saying "keep on harassing me and i will ban you for harassment" or something like that. I said i'll stop, you made me think that you just really like TJHawsker, he's been banned 3 times and unbanned all 3 times by you. However i don't think banning me was the right thing to do in no disrespect. You kind of warned me to stop harassing you about TJHawsker's potential ban before i get banned so i stopped and thought that was the end of it, I thought everything was resolved but I guess you felt the need to ban me anyways when I was offline? Bolp I don't wanna be a toxic player, and am very sorry if you felt offended by my actions even if i think over wise. Please unban me. This is one my favorite servers and don't want my time on Diamond Shaft to end for something i don't believe was ban worthy.
  9. DatGoodBear

    Ban Appeal

    No one is really fighting. Also read what I said at the end of my statement Magitroopa.
  10. DatGoodBear

    Ban Appeal

    Ya, i can recall some words wildcow said like "get your shit and leave", but you have to understand that you betrayed wildcow and the faction by your action or actions. Any person he invites he trust, so betraying or doing wrongs can get him understandably upset. The thing is you just stayed in the faction as wildcow kept on telling you to leave. THAT IS WHEN wildcow started to get upset and used curse words to express his thoughts. Then you started to kill and annoy him because of your refusal to leave the town. The thing is wildcow didn't constitutionally harass you unlike what you did. In fact he didn't harass you at all. He didn't want to have anything to do with you but since you were butthurt about your kick out the town you decided to get revenge? Lol, you're 15 and wildcow is 13 and he shows more maturity. Fix yourself. Correct me if im wrong... So also set home at our sugar cane farm to help your self out, and kill our farm animals for revenge because of wildcows so called raid on your animal farm. If you read that a couple of times it just sounds like you and wildcow were already even. if its true that wildcow killed your animals. Ugh... Forget it. You're probably gonna be banned for a while and that is all that matters.
  11. DatGoodBear

    Ban Appeal

    I was talking about the killing part in general. Like how you come to the town and kill wildcow.
  12. DatGoodBear

    Ban Appeal

    Tdog all you do is annoy the heck out of wildcow. You're always appearing in his town (rattpack) assassinating him and being rude through chat because he kicked you out of his town. Be honest, don't deny it. You took a huge tool on the towns wealth and food source by doing this. The animals played a huge role in the towns economical department. Our town makes more than 8k a day, mainly because of our farms. Now we have to restock, and getting those animals wasn't easy. You need to get over your self and maybe spend a break way from the server to reflect on your actions, when I say break i mean a long brake. It was wrong of you to do this even if wildcow did this to you. I'm not even sure if wildcow did this. Wildcow was more inactive than usually today, he was farming for the little bit of time he got on. I would like a staff member to investigate wildcows so called part on this.
  13. DatGoodBear

    Strike against wildcow and datgoodbear!

    Derk your lack of attitude and come backs makes me think you're some where around the age of 10. This all started early afternoon when i didn't like the fact that the house she built for wildcow's faction was one block next to mine, and that the house was flat out ugly. So I asked the owner 'wildcow' if i can remove the house that Derk BUILT FOR THE TOWN. He said yes so i was working on getting rid of the house she built, but the agreement was that I had to build another another house for the town because i got rid of Derks. Derk appears in the town and starts arguing and rebuilding the damage done by me taking down the house, she said things such as it was her house and then i don't have her permission. No one seemed to realize that it was a town house, and Derk wasn't in the town. It was a flat out favor for the town, it's not up to Derk to decide what happens to the house. If something bad happens to the house so be it. The arguing stops for 3 hours until Derk suddenly starts to rant in chat about how she hates both wildcow and I, i keep messaging her about how wildcow and I couldn't care less about her hate and that she should stop. She does not stop. Keeps on being a asshole, she ask who else does not like wildcow and I in chat. Then says we are going to war guessing right after this post was made. She get's Tdog's on her side and Derk, Tdog and I start thoroughgoing insults (wildcow was polite and didn't contribute to the insults). I say some things, tdogs and Derk say some things. However since this is mainly Derk shit, this is for you.. You were being mean to us and your lack of intelligence really plays a huge role into your character and even gives me an insight into your age. So from now in, i would like you to not communicate with both me and wildcow if he wishes.