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  1. CelticSikes

    Single Staff Update June 2017

    Thank you! It'll be good to be back!
  2. CelticSikes

    Back to Building

    Figured I may as well put some recent builds up here for people to see, since its about 80,000 blocks out.
  3. CelticSikes

    Kinda what I think we should add

    What's the point of more ranks? What would you add to make it worth more than $40 for emerald? Fly is like the whole point of the gold rank, which costs $10. So making it available for $5 undermines that. Also, if you buy gmc and such ahead of time, how complicated would it be to add it to upgrading to gold, diamond, etc? Considering this is a mostly vanilla minecraft server. Warps come usually as a town/place is common or needed. Adding a bunch people never go to or need just clutters things up. Also wouldn't consider spending 30 days in survival a minigame on a survival server. It's something you can do on the server already just go out and build the best you can or gather resources. And devoting another server/map to it would be useless, and doing it on the main server it'd be so easy to cheat, get outside resources, etc.