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  1. Thank you! It'll be good to be back!
  2. Figured I may as well put some recent builds up here for people to see, since its about 80,000 blocks out.
  3. What's the point of more ranks? What would you add to make it worth more than $40 for emerald? Fly is like the whole point of the gold rank, which costs $10. So making it available for $5 undermines that. Also, if you buy gmc and such ahead of time, how complicated would it be to add it to upgrading to gold, diamond, etc? Considering this is a mostly vanilla minecraft server. Warps come usually as a town/place is common or needed. Adding a bunch people never go to or need just clutters things up. Also wouldn't consider spending 30 days in survival a minigame on a survival server. It's something you can do on the server already just go out and build the best you can or gather resources. And devoting another server/map to it would be useless, and doing it on the main server it'd be so easy to cheat, get outside resources, etc.
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