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  1. Username: TheLumpyBanana Server: Survival Banned By: @CamoWisp Date of Ban: Jan 30th 2018 Reason: Ban Evading Hey. So yeah, this is my fourth ban appeal to rejoin the Diamondshaft community. I really want to rejoin the server, which should be evident by me appealing this many times. I used to be an active member of this server back in 1.7 - 1.8 and played on and off afterwards. I really enjoy Diamondshaft and its community, so I am sorry for evading my ban. If you have any questions for me, please PM me. Thanks and have a nice day, Banana
  2. Username: TheLumpyBanana Server: Survival Banned By: Camo Date of Ban: Jan 30th 2018 Reason: Ban Evading Hello. I've been on and off this server for several years now and I have been (In my opinion) unfairly banned. Not gonna go into details on why, as they are in my two other appeals. During the time I was banned, I was following a map to one of those mansion things and had found a door in the side of a hill. I was curious, so I went in. replacing anything I broke before. I'm sorry for ban evading and breaking and entering. Thanks, TheLumpyBanana (AKA HeroBrineHead
  3. Hey. I was banned around Christmas time a little while ago for a pretty unfair reason, so I logged on to see if i could play with a few friends today and about 6-ish minutes into finding a suitable area for a base, I was banned for ban evading! The last time I was banned was before the reset! Camo, can you stop banning me please and let me enjoy the game? Here's the MCBans link: https://www.mcbans.com/ban/5602931 Thanks, TheLumpyBanana Edit: MCBans Link Also, I really enjoy this server, so it would be great if I could actually play it.
  4. Username: TheLumpyBananaServer: SurvivalBanned By: IDK, submitted this too earlyDate of Ban: 12/29/17Reason: 'Cheat Engine' Hey, TheLumpyBanana here, I was banned for confirmed using of cheat engine? Cheat Engine is stuff for offline, singleplayer games, such as Minecraft (singleplayer only). Here's the website link: http://www.cheatengine.org/ I was only using it for testing and openly posted in chat and Diamondshaft's Discord what I was finding. You would think that I would be a little more careful if I was actually cheating. Please whoever banned me, do a little research into Ch
  5. Hi, I'm TheBananaMan (Previously know as HeroBrineHead) and I have been on this server since like 2014? Anyway, this is my second try for appealing for whatever! So, yea. I enjoy helping others, especially newer people by giving them a place to live and sharing my resources and farms with them. I really want to be staff for the free GMC to help others. I am on daily, or as often as possible. I really don't care if I get accepted, as we have plenty of staff at the moment. This is mainly to be copied and pasted later!
  6. Username: HeroBrineHead Server: Survival Time and Date of Ban: 2017-07-12 17:53:01 Reason: Potential X-Ray MCBans Page: https://www.mcbans.com/ban/5590587 Hey, I'm HeroBrineHead. I'm just gonna come out and say I was hacking on this server, but the people on Discord respected me and told me to try and appeal. If I do become unbanned, I'll probably go back to hacking but I respect people and I guess I'm trying right now. I've been playing on DiamondShaft for about 2-3 ish years now. A friend, who was banned recently after my arrival here, recommended me to this s
  7. TotieMC, I have searched this on the wiki a while ago, harming and healing arrows have no effect, they are normal arrows, just letting you know
  8. I have a question, are the bows a one shot kill?

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We are DiamondShaft, a medium-sized Minecraft survival server that has been around for over six years and aims to achieve a simple, community survival experience.

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