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  1. While I do agree with you King, you've got to remember that this new generation of kids behind us are much less knowledged than we were growing up.
  2. Nope Bosch, 1.9.4 for some reason is not compatible this time with the others.
  3. Figured I haven't done this yet, so... My real name is Justin, gamer tag is to the left. I am 21 years old and an April Fool's baby, but don't be fooled for that is the truth. I live on my own, work full time and attend college in the evening. I start a new job in July with a busier schedule but double the income so I probably will have limited time on Diamond Shaft (unless we aren't busy at work then I'll sneak on xD). I don't have too many hobbies, but I love spending time with my girlfriend and enjoying the outdoors. I know that's odd because I also love playing Minecraft, BF4, and GTA V but it is what it is. Oh, and that's also a motto of mine: "it is what it is." I am weird and have very few friends, in fact I only have 3 friends plus my girlfriend. But I have made a few good friends on this server such as Garbanto, GodsofBoss, and DK. I also cannot tolerate immaturity which is probably why I've made good friends with two guardians and a mod. So if y'all wanna get to know me... on another note, we'll see about that one. I don't trust easily either unless you come across to me with the right attitude. Crack3rz0wnag3
  4. Okay... same issue for me, except I cannot login with 1.9 forge, 1.9.2, or minechat. Yet I logged in perfectly fine 6 hours ago with my 1.9 forge...
  5. Damn it, why is the server always down around this time when I am itching to create something useful?

  6. Oh my, I absolutely loved those posts xD my girlfriend and I are cat lovers to the max.

  7. Random teleport, and thanks wildcow. I was wondering what was happening too.
  8. Hey! I'm going to follow you back!

    1. MusaWisp


      YES! Friends!

  9. :I Hello! Wanted to say hi. ^-^ I'ma follow you. Feel specials!!


  10. Any ideas on when the new 1.9 map mods will have the teleport feature?
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