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  1. I'm so sorry

    they were not banned, nor was I
  2. God is dead.

  3. Waterproof Redstone (Declined)

    that would be a very complicated plugin to make..
  4. First day on ds


    1. CommanderSilver


      "CommanderSilver" Wasn't my ign when I joined

  5. New Airport At BugVille

    the planes are... a little slow.
  6. GREFFF (Accepted) (Accepted)

    cords are 1086 65 2784
  7. Looking for a screen recording

    ice cream screen recorder only 10 mins
  8. Talent Show/Teas United Nation, president Election

    public class No extends JavaPlugin { public void onEnable(){ Logger.getlogger(ChatColor.BLUE + "No."); } public void onDisable(){ } }
  9. Villager preservation 1.11? (Declined)

    No, the world will be reset, any progress you have on anything will be lost.
  10. Donating a rank to someone?

    You can do a giveaway
  11. I feel like your profile picture is racist...

    1. CommanderSilver
    2. xXDeadlyNinjaXx


      it's an asian person throwing or sneezing bananas then running away like a dofus

  12. New world

    have some bananas then