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Found 7 results

  1. I dont know if what i am about to say is true, but after a server reset this morning, (EST) i could not log back on to server, for a ban appealed almost 6 months ago now. It was the same thing, i'm sure camo didn't ban me cause he resigned, and i haven't been on the server for a while so why didn't it go into effect before? Please fix this admins or mods ASAP, or if this was intentional, never mind.
  2. Dear diamondshaft Today at around 12:00 today, I came to find something. my home had been griefed. I asked who, and immediately FrynoxFC responded "Lol" or some sort, as it was 3 hours ago. All my stuff is gone, as he killed me twice and didn't give much of my stuff back, or it de-spawned. He also took all of the diamonds i had mined, 70 exactly. He did this mostly because I just killed his other friend, and tried to give it back, but instead ran from me. and when that happened, fry's dogs attacked me so I killed them. Feeling a need for justice, somethi
  3. Triosoft

    Lost home

    I lost my home again, while accidentally setting a new home as the same name. ( /home h) I don't have any other info to help, but I do have a screenshot of inside it for block check.
  4. Dear Diamondshaft, After recently being un banned, i have seen a lot of changes. For one, Diamonds are under a dollar to sell! only 0.72 the sell, and seeing this is really confusing. As diamonds are hard to get, and money is a central item for trading if you have nothing on the server. Since they are this hard to get, they should cost about 25-50$ a piece, not 72 cents. Same goes for other items, e.g gold, iron, etc. A more better price could allow for more trading and more shops in the mall, as money is easier to get, but not too easy. Another enco
  5. Dear diamond shaft staff, I have been a member of the server for a very long time. Seeing this, I want to request that a may be promoted to [GIT] Seeing as there is none, and that not many mods are on, a bit more justice could be of some use on the server. Seeing as I have recently been unbanned, I don't want to ask too much, just to help my always number one server. Yours truly, Triosoft. (previously known as diamondlucaya1)
  6. I got banned a couple of years ago, 1.10 I believe, and was wondering to have my bann appealed. And also, being a veteran to the server, I have tried to become a moderator or administrator. I remember becoming a trainee, til being banned from the other player, in which I forgot why. I was banned by camowisp, somewhere in 2017, and I was banned because I was from giving ranked items, and I remember an annoying player who was trying everything to get me banned. My current IGN:Triosoft My old username: Diamondlucaya1
  7. Dear Diamond shaft staff, Diamond shaft is by far my favorite server. Its originality and cute little community sets a very warming felling to me. And all i would want is to be a git, or as you know a Guardian In Training. And being part of the Diamond shaft crew would be the best! Sure, you might think i will just brag about being a git but that's why I'm not saying " ooh! make me a admin or moderator! " I just want to start with the basics and see if i got what it takes to start leveling up and joining admin. I could definitely make a good git because i like to help those on Diamond s

About Us

We are DiamondShaft, a medium-sized Minecraft survival server that has been around for over six years and aims to achieve a simple, community survival experience.

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